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Name:   Izzy Suffolk  
Description:   ~ 4 yrs old ~ 31 lb ~ temp fostered in Washington, DC ~

Izzy got off of the long, long transport very excited with her tail wagging. She is a joyful beagle who wants to sniff around, have her belly rubbed, nap, and of course, eat. She is smart and we are working together on Come, Down, Wait and Stay. She responds very happily to belly rubs.

Izzy is energetic, chases balls, but in true beagle fashion does not retrieve them. She loves meeting people. Izzy came to us infected with heartworm and has begun treatment. She can move to an adoptive home during the treatment as long as they can continue with her care. Beagle Rescue picks up the cost of the vetting.

She loves dog toys. She takes them all out of the toy box and plays with each one every day. She is a happy well-adjusted girl. It's hard to get her in a crate, but once there, she is good while you're out of the house. She would probably be fine left alone out of the crate, but her foster mom has too many other dogs to take a chance on that.

We think that Izzy would be great with children and other dogs, but would not be a good fit with cats. She is a joyful dog who will just love being part of your family!

Posted 03/07/24 and updated 03/27/24