Name:   Izzy Suffolk  

Description:   ~ 4 yrs old ~ 31 lb ~ fostered in Washington, DC ~

Izzy (being called Izza-belle) is very affectionate and wants to be a good girl more than anything. She learns very quickly and when not on medication for heartworm treatment seems to be potty trained- she even takes herself outside through the doggie door. She is still a young girl with lots of energy and with her desire to learn she would probably be a good fit for someone who wants to train a dog for agility and/or as a comfort dog. She would also be really happy to just play with toys with gusto and nap on your couch. Honestly she just wants to learn whatever it is that'll keep you happy with her.

She does really well around another dog and children. She still chases cats, but I think one good swat and she'd learn her lesson pretty quickly. As of now she is escape prone, but doesn't go far or fast, so a good fence is needed. She's also a vocal girl (we're working on it), so a stand-alone home would probably be best.

Posted 03/07/24 and updated 05/08/24