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Name:   Huckleberry Hughes (now Ovi)  
Description:   Born July 31, 2018 ~ Fostered in Alexandria, VA ~

Huckleberry was born into rescue in July and was the largest of his siblings. He looks JUST like his mother, Mango. He is as cute as his siblings and just as rambunctious. He's a rough and tumble puppy who has known nothing but the love and comfort of his mom and siblings and of his foster families. In a couple of weeks he will be neutered and thus ready for his forever home.

In an ideal world we would love to see these puppies adopted into homes with another playful dog or two, if for no other reason that they have never spent a single moment alone. It's not a perfect world, however, so we would ask that should this little guy join your family that you be patient as he learns to adapt and become part of your family. He is not housebroken, he will undoubtedly chew something precious that has been left within his grasp, and he is going to cry when left alone. Photos of a cute puppy make you go "awwwww" and make it easy to forget that it takes months of loving, patient and CONSISTENT training for them to become the pet of your dreams.

If he is granted the typical lifespan of a beagle, he will live to be 14-15 years old. Please give careful consideration to whether or not you can make that commitment. He deserves a forever home that is truly forever.

If you would like to make Huckleberry a part of your family, please download and complete an adopter profile and submit it to We discourage placement of puppies (and young dogs in general) in apartments and condos.

Posted 10/14/18