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Chloe P. George: Chloe is either a bundle of energy or asleep (and she has claimed her spot for sleeping). She doesn't have much of an in between. It's really hard to believe she is not a puppy, but she is nearly 11 years old. She loves to give kisses and play. She keeps us laughing. She gets along with our other beagles, but prefers her human family over the other pups. She's an independent woman! We fell in love with her as soon as we began fostering her and eventually decided we couldn't let her go. We're so lucky to have this sweet girl in our lives.

Lucy Caton: All is going great with Lucy! She is the sweetest girl. Brady, our son, has finally found a chasing partner. They are hilarious together! Still figuring out food with her. She likes to pick through the dry to get to the fresh pet chicken pieces :)

We had a wonderful experience with Beagle Rescue! Our new girl, Lucy, is the perfect fit for our family. She has put the pep back in the step of our older dog and our son loves her!

Jax George (now Louie): Louie is a social butterfly and makes friends with everyone that he meets! All of my friends play with him every chance they get and he's won the hearts of the ladies at the day-care that watches him while I work. He loves exploring with his nose during our walks but loves cuddling in bed even more. He's also a great travel dog with his eyes glued to the outside world as we fly by in the car. He's everything that I dreamed he would be and I look forward to introducing him to the community at an event someday!

Moe Hughes (now Moe Howard Hackley): Moe is doing well. He continues to have the cough but the vet said there is nothing really wrong. He loves my husband as you can see. Thanks for saving him ! He is a sweet boy and a wonderful addition to our family.

Shortbread Martin (now Mandy): “Shortbread” is now “Mandy”. She’s so smart — knows her new name, “sit”, and sort of “stay” although that command needs a little work. Millie, our other beagle, really likes her and they get along great. We’re so happy we found her. Mandy is the happiest little dog and fits so well with us. One positive thing is that Mandy is not afraid of storms, vacuum cleaners, trash trucks, etc. And poor Millie is afraid of her own shadow. But Mandy seems to have instilled a little courage in Millie. They really love playing together! Here’s a picture of hem looking out, wishing the rain would stop. We're so happy we found Mandy!

Doc Hughes: Doc is loving city living and enjoys his daily naps with his hound brother on the couch, fully equipped with his very own personalized blanket! We go to the park everyday to socialize and get some exercise (he hops when he runs). He loves to wear a hoodie when it's cold and a rain jacket when it's damp. He loves squeaky toys but sharing can sometimes be hard. He can be a little iffy about strangers but is an extreme cuddlebug when he's comfortable with you.

Luke Baltimore: Luke has been in his new home for 2 weeks. He is such a love bug. He stays by my side all day. I can't believe he is 14. He loves to walk several times a day. His best friend, besides me, is Snowball the cat. They keep each other company. He has brought fun and laughter into our home. He is a sweetheart who is happy to be home.

Katie Caroline: Her journey was amazing. She was a little chunky monkey at 31lbs when we first picked her up as a foster. Katie is such a sweetheart and melted our hearts at first sight. She was a bit shy and needed to be shown by her new beagle brother, Jerry, how to be a dog - that it is ok to jump on the sofa and sleep in bed and play all day. We switched her diet immediately to Jerry's diet (homemade human grade food.) We do not give them kibble. The lumps and growths she had disappeared within a few weeks and she is now down to 26.5 lbs.

After fighting the heartworm disease we were finally able to take her out on hikes. She loves the outdoors and our hikes. She is one happy pup, very gentle and polite in asking for treats. She doesn’t like it when Jerry plays a bit to rough but they will work it out.

We couldn't be any happier with Katie Caroline. Beagle Rescue Southern Maryland is a wonderful organization and Patti and Betsy were there for us in every step to go from happy foster parents to final adoption parents. A big thank you to everyone.

Parris Arundel: Parris is doing really well in my home. She stole my heart, has Chief to play with and Georgette keeps both of them straight. She has calmed down considerably and has started to come when I call her her name. She loves walks and walks really well on her leash, totally enjoys being outside in the yard, finally will come to me when I call her, and she is now housebroken! Yay!!! She had a rough start being bounced around, but her new life is one of a typically happy and spoiled Beagle. Thank you for letting me be a foster failure twice in a row.

Misha: Here Is Misha in our back yard. She is so sweet and loves playing with Jake her adopted brother. When Misha first arrived she was so scared of everything and wouldn’t get off of the sofa, except to eat. I had to carry her outside. Now she runs out the minute I say outside. It’s hard to get good pictures because she runs away if anything but food is in my hands. It breaks my heart thinking of why she is scared of so many things but she is now safe and beginning to really blossom. We love her so much.

Ancho Pepper (now Oliver): Our entire family agrees that Oliver must be the sweetest, must loving dog ever! He lives a happy existence, playing and running in the yard with our other beagle. Thanks to beagle rescue for bringing him into our lives.

Georgie: Six years ago yesterday was one of the happiest days of our lives when we adopted Georgie on March 4, 2012. We first met her at a meet and greet at Bowie PetSmart. It was love at first sight and our love just keeps getting stronger.

Georgie is in excellent health although she could lose a pound or two. She is an only "child" but has many friends in the community. She loves being outside, going for sniffs, walking and playing with her friends, sitting at the front door and watching outside, snuggling with her people, and of course eating. Most of the neighbors refer to her as the sweetest dog - with which we totally agree. We have enclosed a few pictures showing Georgie and a couple of friends.

We would like to thank you again for rescuing Georgie and bringing her into our life.

Serrano Pepper (now Luna): Luna is the spunkiest dog we've ever owned. She's so fearless and is always getting into trouble but she knows exactly when to turn on the charm. She's our son's favorite thing in the world and she is forever keeping us on our toes because she is always stealing his stuff. She is also constantly picking on our other dog Finnegan, but he loves her ever so.

Charlie Baldwin: Charlie has quickly become a contributing member of the pack. He is the first to start the howling when Daddy comes home from work and is also the first to offer many wet smoochies. He has also taken on the role of guardian of the back yard. He loves to stand on the deck and look out over the fence into the woods and scare away any wildlife that might be lurking - squirrels, birds, you know!

It didn’t take Charlie long to learn that we keep fresh baked puppy cookies in the fridge - he heads straight to the kitchen when he comes in from outside. He waits very patiently for his treats and is very appreciative of the goodies that he receives.

Charlie is doing well learning to walk with his new pack. We’ve paired him with Cooper who is a little older, so we can keep his pace down due to his heart murmur. He loves his walks and really enjoys car rides. As the weather continues to improve, we will increase the number of outings so he can socialize more.

He is a wonderful addition to our pack, and we love him so much. Yes, it was a foster fail, but in such a good way. We think Charlie knows that he landed on the Gravy Train in the First Class Car. He brings us laughter and lots of kisses! He is so handsome!

Snoop Dog: In April of 2013, we adopted Snoop Dog and took him to live with us in WV. At that time, Snoop was 3 1/2 years old. He was a bundle of energy, adapted to his new home and thrived.

He had a big fenced backyard that was frequented by rabbits. As a city boy, it took some getting used to these new four legged critters. But, before long he became very beagle. Nose to the ground, the baying; clearly the boy was having fun.

In December of 2013, Snoop started another adventure. He traveled to AZ. He loved riding in a car which was a good thing, because he rode for four days. The only time I knew he was in the SUV was occasionally when I looked left and got a wet nose in my ear.

In Phoenix there’s not much grass. The first morning here I took him outside to do his business. He did not know what to do about all the rocks. I finally had to take him to a nearby park where there was lots of grass.

Snoop Dog is now 8 1/2 years old. We are growing old gracefully together. I have had six beagles and Snoop is the most loyal of them all. He always waits for me to first leave a room or first to step outside. Almost every morning when I awake, Snoop, will have snuck into bed with me. Never waking me, but every now and again I will feel a nose on my nose. He’s just checking to see (smell?) that I’m OK.

A year and a half ago we brought home a little beagle girl, Lexi, to keep Snoop Dog company, and to insure he gets enough exercise. Lexi just turned two and Snoop has finally decided he will accept her. When he was resting or asleep, he would huff a bit if she touched him. They would play together rambunctiously, but other times, “don’t touch me.” Now, they prove what pack animals beagles are. There’s lots of snuggling for naps.

Snoop Dog is my boy. Or should I say, I’m his human.

Thank you Southern MD Beagle Rescue for assisting in bringing Snoop Dog into our lives. He is a complete joy!

Bud Bailey: Here is a picture of Bud and my son, Patrick, taken before the holidays. He is the best dog ever and we love him to pieces!

Buck Hughes: We wanted to send you a photo of our beloved Buck. He is getting more comfortable at our home everyday. We can’t be more pleased and happy with Buck. He and his new sister, Tilly (our other beagle) are getting along very well. They are becoming fast friends.

Susie Henderson: We fostered Susie, but once in our house, we fell in love with her! She is the sweetest girl. She has 2 new brothers to play with, and she loves them. She and Raleigh are nicknamed the "Beagle Brigade" and they love to sniff and "hunt" together when on a walk. She also loves her older brother Brutus and will cuddle with him. She is so happy here; she snuggles up with us and sits on our laps. She also loves her naps on the couch. Although she wasn't fully house trained when we got her, she is now. She now sleeps on the bed with us, and we often wake up with her face or tummy in one of our faces (and we love it). She is the prettiest girl and we thank BRSM so much for saving her. We can't imagine our life without her! You all are the best.

Buzz George: Buzz is doing fine, happy to be with our other dogs, and finding his place. He loves the back yard and he has found his Beagle nose! Scents are everywhere, and he has to follow each and every one

We have started to see a trainer with him and after one lesson the trainer said she could see the wheels turning in his head (in a good way).

He still has those moments with the crazed look in his eyes and boundless energy, but they are becoming less destructive and less play biting.

We are thankful to have Buzz, and thank Tere, his foster mom, for caring for him so well.

Noodle Hughes (now Beans): Beans has settled into our family beautifully and gets along well with beagle buddy, Maddie, and the cats. He loves our walks around the 1/2 acre fenced yard and is a total cuddlebug when we're indoors!

Ralph Beaufort (now Duke): Duke is full of energy and loves to wrestle and “play bite”. He gets the puppy zooms and goes tearing through the house when he gets ahold of a squeaky toy. Within a week he was fitting right in, he thinks he’s a “person” and often takes over more than his fair share of the love seat, forcing my wife and me to share the sofa. He’s friendly with, and protective of our 5yo son and 2yo daughter. Duke lets out a big Beagle “BahRoo” if he thinks someone is playing too rough with the kids. BRSM did an amazing job working with us and the veterinarian to nurse him back to health after his case of heart worms, hook worms, and seizures. He’s the perfect addition to our home.

Mocha Boy: Mocha stays young by playing with his beagle brother, Caden, and they now take care of the "defending the house" against those pesky things outside. He and Caden chase each other around in our well fenced yard, and are happy and secure just staying there and being at home. Caden loves to move things around, we call him our Feng Sui artist. No chewing on things, just moving them. We love them so much.

Charlie Brown (now Charlie): As it has been 12.5 years since his adoption. Charlie Brown now lives in a house with his own flat, fenced backyard where he hunts for moles and cicadas and refuses to poop unless he is on a leash. He is 14 now and doing pretty well for his age. He does have a heart murmur, but it has barely slowed down this party beagle.

Capone Hughes: Capone loves to hike, backpack, and camp with his family. When not being active, he likes to cuddle and be lazy underneath his blankets. He has completed a two day twenty mile backpacking trip and even carries his own pack. At the end of a hike, he is always still in the lead. It is hard to believe he is a "senior" dog as we sometimes have trouble keeping up with him!

I'm sure I could go on and on as there are so many good things to say about Capone. That's why we can't imagine moving away without him.

Paulie Williams: My boyfriend and I absolutely adore Paulie. I first met him last December when I began working at Healthy Hound Playground where he was fostering, and I fell in love with him. Every time I would be in the playroom with him he would always come to me and jump up, lick my hands and face and try to climb into my arms, and every day I worked I would come see him even if I wasn't scheduled in the playroom he was in. I had another dog at the time, a beagle named Ginger, so I wasn't able to take him then. Unfortunately, Ginger passed away in February, and after I mourned for a little while, I knew that it was going to be the right choice for me to take Paulie - for both of us. I started fostering him shortly after, and he was the best. Even as an older dog, he had so much spunk and energy, and nothing could seem to slow him down. He's very smart - sometimes! - and has even learned a few tricks in the months I've fostered him. We are so delighted that we can finally call him officially ours! As you can see, he loves naps and looking out the window, waiting for us to come home. He loves us just as much as we love him, and we're looking forward to giving him a fantastic, long, loving life.

Thank you so much for your time and all the work that you do. Thank you for this opportunity to find the dog of my dreams, a dog that fits so snugly in my heart I don't know what I would do without him. Thank you!

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