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Yanni George (aka Gus):

July 18 -

I just read the summary I sent...and believe it or not, Gus has come a long way! He knows sit, stay, come, heel (which is his best!), go to place, and down. We’re still working on Leave it. He may not get that one any time soon, though.
Gus is the best dog. We love him so much!!

June 7 - Gus is the best dog. We love him so much!!We are so happy that Gus has become a member of our family. Even though there is quite an age difference between our other beagle Millie (13 years young), Gus (2 years old) loves her and wants to play and snuggle. Millie is getting used to Gus and often follows Gus around the house and yard.
We love Gus very much and are teaching him the basic commands. He’s so picking up sit, stay, come, settle, down, and leave it...although “heel” needs some work.
He is such a joy to have around, and Millie no doubt will come to love her little brother. Gus is so comical, throwing his ball in the air (but not always catching it....probably won’t make the major leagues), and he loves all his toys.
Life with Gus and Millie is great!

Mary Jo S. - July 18, 2019

You go Gus! What a difference a month can make. For more on Gus, check out the link below...
Yanni George (now Gus)

Sammy Lexington: Things are going very well with Sammy (now Sam). He is settling in quite nicely, and he and his new sister get along so well. He is a snuggle bug who also likes his space (not a bad thing at night!), but makes sure to give us morning kisses every day.

Christina M. - posted July 7, 2019

For more on this handsome fellow, follow the link below.
Sammy Lexington (now Sam)

Bubba Surry (now Tommy): Tommy is a very low-key guy, but loves all the attention he can get! He really comes alive when the other dogs in the house are excited about animals outside of the fence or visitors! Most of all, as he is losing weight and getting more active, I hope to see more personality! He has been very slow to come out of his shell!

Sue E. - posted July 1, 2019

See how far Tommy has come since his rescue by clicking the link below to see his pre-adoption report.
Bubba Surry (now Tommy)

Pattie Howard: May 7 - Our Pattie girl is starting to make herself right at home. She has meet some other doggies in the neighborhood. She’s a great little girl.

June 5 - Pattie Howard is doing wonderful!!! She has made herself right at home. You would have thought she and Marco have known each other for ever. She enjoys snuggling with me on the couch and in bed. She enjoys laying in the sun on the deck. Pattie has become my right hand girl. She follows me all around the house. She and Marco enjoy some beagle play time! Even with Marco being the ripe old age of 8, he still has the spunk of a puppy!

Jenn - posted June 23, 2019

Check out Pattie's pre-adoption history by clicking the link below.
Pattie Howard

Byron Richland: Ken and I have been having such a fun week getting to know Byron.
At the beginning of the week, he was walking with his tail down and was hesitant, but now he walks with his tail up ready to tackle the world.
We had to coax him with a treat to get him to put his collar and leash on the first day or two, but now he walks towards us when we pick it up.
He loves meeting all the neighborhood dogs on a walk. He watches TV, looks at his reflection in the sliding glass door, watches intently out the window in the front of the house and the backyard.
He sleeps in his bed in our bedroom every night and doesn't get out of bed until we do.
We have a basket of dog toys and he likes to move all the toys into a couple of different rooms and set them out.
Byron is definitely well on his way to settling in to his forever home and family and he is such a joy to be with.
Thank you, Byron's previous foster mom, Ginny, and all of your volunteers for the wonderful work you do and allowing us to adopt Byron.

Warmest regards,
Debbie (posted June 16, 2019)

Byron sure landed on his feet. For pictures and such from before his adoption, check out the link below...
Byron Richland

Jade Westmoreland: Hello All!

It's been just over a month since Jade officially moved to her new home with us, and true to everyone's predictions, her sweet, funny, wonderful, very beagle personality is shining through. We are greeted every morning and every time we come home with bright brown eyes, an unstoppable tail, eager energy, and big curiosity about what's coming next. Often, this is followed by an unsubtle request for a belly rubs. She has really come out of her initial shell.

She is still concerned/shy about new people and some new (usually bigger) dogs, but we're working each day on building her confidence with treats and careful introductions while she's out on walks. When we're on our own, she walks around Bethesda and especially the NIH path like she's been here forever, with her head high, chest out, and tail up. And when not, her nose is half an inch from the ground, discovering all the good smells outside, as a good beagle does.

Jade's had her first visit to her new Nebel Street Vet, and we're set for follow-up appointments for kidney function and heartworm. It turns out that the girl also had hookworm, which we're treating now too.

We have to say many thanks to Doris for being a great foster Mom for Jade at her shyest time and for accommodating our schedules for visits before Jade's official adoption. BRSM surely knows how to find good foster folks!

The attached pic is Jade's first visit to Rehoboth Beach on Easter weekend. As she often does, she made lots of friends there and is looking forward to our return visits.

Thanks to all at BRSM for your work rescuing beagles!

Michael & Keith – posted June 7, 2019

Jade's backstory can be found at the link below:
Jade Westmoreland

Jake Davies: Jake is doing great with no issues at all. No problems at breakfast or dinner and no territory issues. They each have their own beds but if one is taken they just go to the other one.
Trixie must be a novelty as she is so small. But he likes using her as a pillow. I need to keep my phone closer.
Dexter was standing by Jake the first time he bayed and I swear Dexter looked at him and cringed.

Posted May 28, 2019

Clicking on the link below will lead you to Jake's pre-adoption page...
Jake Davies

Victor Pax: Viktor came to his forever home on 3/10/19, and we are head over heels in love. We decided to keep his name the same but added a K to add a little Harry Potter flare ;), and in order not to confuse him more as he adjusts.
Viktor is an absolute teddy bear and had adjusted seamlessly to our family. Cooper (our other beagle) has taken Viktor by the paw and showed him the ropes. Viktor loves his big puppy brother and shows it with excited tail wags whenever he sees him.

The Trammells & Smiths - posted May 24, 2019

Check out what Viktor went through before finding his forever home by clicking the link below.
Victor Pax (now Viktor)

Shaylee Arundel (now LeeLoo): We have changed her name to Leeloo. She has been responding to it very well, better than she was responding to Shaylee for us.
She loves copying her new brother Jack our 8 year old chow husky mix. We find them curled up together on their dog bed a lot! She has been very gentle with our 16 year old lab giving her plenty of space and understanding she doesn't want to play. Leeloo has been wonderful for Jack, she has gotten him to start playing again and be less of an old man.
She still loves to cuddle, and the expects it every morning after breakfast and every night before going into her crate. She is learning her manners well, as with any puppy it takes time but she picks up on what our other two dogs do and has started copying them. For example they sit to get their leashes on or off and she does that now without being prompted.
She has been the perfect fit so far!

Kalyn H. - posted May 17, 2019

Check out the beginning of LeeLoo's journey to success by clicking on the link below.
Shaylee Arundel (now LeeLoo)

Mango Hughes: In honor of Mother’s Day, a much delayed FB repost on Mango, our most recently rescued mother.

Posted on Facebook December 6, 2018: Many of you have followed the saga of Mango so it gives us great pleasure to tell you that she has chosen a family to love - and we're pretty sure they feel the same way about her! She has a new brother, a safe yard to explore, a window in which to sit and bark at passersby, a mom and dad who love her quirky self, and best of all... do the math here... two dogs and TWO LAPS!!! No waiting! By any definition Mango had a traumatic year and we very nearly lost her, but she is in high cotton these days and we couldn't be happier for her! We are just over-the-moon excited for her--and her new family, as well.

Posted on BRSM SS page on May 12, 2019.

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