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Zoey Hughes (now Lucy): Lucy is doing better than expected in her new home. She loves her mom, Jessica, shadowing her everywhere. Loves to go for walks, sprints and long smelling trips around the block. She has had no shaking, trembling or hiding in her new home. In fact, when Jessica gets the leash Lucy makes a bee line for the door. She likes best to lay and sleep turned up side down. It seems she likes being an only dog a lot ! She really does look like a happy girl !
Happy story !

Snoopy Warren: I have been with Snoopy since late October and we were able to finalize his adoption last week! He is the sweetest and snuggliest beagle. He loves to curl up with me when watching TV and like any beagle he LOVES to eat. Snoopy is rather laid back, but once you get him outside he has so much energy and will sniff everything in his sight. One of my most favorite things about Snoopy is his love for people, he is extremely friendly and loves getting pets. Snoopy is loved by all, whether they are family, friends, or anyone we meet while going on a walk.

Snoopy brings so much joy to my life and I am very grateful for the Beagle Rescue of Southern Maryland for bringing us together!

Baxter Carroll: We adopted Baxter in March of 2009. Here is a picture of him with his two doggie siblings, Puppy Chow and Ginger. They are all best buds. :)

Prince Dino: I adopted Prince Dino a little over a month ago and we couldn't be happier! He's a little sweetheart and a little love bug. He's very vocal (even for a beagle) but we have found a solution that works for both of us and our neighbors! Everyone that I met and dealt with at the rescue has been wonderful. I'm grateful to Kristen and all of the leg work and time she spent to bring Dino and me together. She was very familiar with the dogs that I was interested in meeting and she was always accessible, even when she was sick. She went above and beyond and it's obvious that she loves what she does for the rescue. Shari and Ron, Dino's foster parents, were great! I think they knew before I did that Dino had a forever home with me.

Thanks again for introducing Dino to me. I absolutely love him to pieces and I am pretty sure the feeling is mutual. Oh, and he's not spoiled at all!!

Emma Halifax: A "pup-date" from Emma Halifax:
I adopted Emmy in June 2015 and she is doing great! She has lost some weight (which she needed to do !) and enjoys her large fenced in yard and daily walks. Here she is Christmas Eve waiting for Santa!

Lily Walker: Just wanted to give you an update from over the years of our doggies that we adopted from BRSM over the years. Our 1st was Katie Barbara. The next year along came Lucy Tatum. Katie was sweet like a mama to her puppy. After a good few years, she crossed over the rainbow. Lucy was so lonely, we had to get a buddy. Here comes Lily Walker. We were very excited a couple years back when Treeing Walkers actually became a recognized breed! As you can see from the picture, the livin' is easy for pups in this house.

Rufus George: Here's a picture of Rufus George and his new brothers, below (Anton, 17+ years, Buddy, about 10 years & BRSM alumnus 2009, and Beau, about 11 years & BRSM alumnus 2010). Rufus is doing really well adjusting to his new life here. He is "all puppy" and has basically 2 speeds, stop and go-go-go! He likes to play with his toys and his new brothers and investigate the yard every day. Then when he gets tired he is a big cuddly boy. He's very smart and the older boys are helping him to figure things out, particularly Beau. He is also the only beagle we have ever had who fetches, which is a surprising delight. He brings a lot of joy to our days.

Tia Rock: As the holidays are here again, I just wanted to touch base with you both & let you know how well Tia, Amelia, and Jayda are doing.

All 3 girls are healthy & happy. Every day they enjoy scarfing down their food in an instant (typical beagles), lounging in a big beagle bunch on any of a number of pieces of our leather furniture (preferable to the 3 dog beds we have for them), and going on long, long walks (see the attached picture of them all harnessed up and ready to go). We love them to pieces, and they seem to feel the same way about us.

Thank you both for all you do for the Beagle Rescue and for helping us find our 3 furry family members.

Vorena Hughes: Holiday Greetings from Vorena Hughes! While she may not be showing it in front of the camera, she has bonded well in our household, especially with her brother Howie.

Heidi Amherst (now Maggie): She is an angel, sweetest little girl ever and loves everybody! Maggie has some health issues but who doesn't, right?? She has a younger brother named Blair. He is a Shih Tzu and is 4 yrs old. Maggie just turned 10.

Headly Hopkins: When we first brought Headly home, he was super shy and scared of everything. But he instantly took to our other rescue dog, Dixon, and he was able to warm up to us very quickly. He loves wrestling and chasing his dog brother around the house, playing with toys, and running outside in the yard. He also loves to nap and is the best snuggle bug! We are so thankful to have Headly as part of our little family and to give him the life he deserves!

Kat Caroline (now Abby): She is thoroughly enjoying her new pampered lifestyle. The sweetest dog ever!!

Coco Webster: Coco is settling in well. We are getting the night barking under control. Coco is training us for living with a beagle and all that entails. (!) I have been chatting with an experienced beagle owner at work and am learning a lot. We will be keeping in touch with you about "Life with Coco".

Ruby Tuesday Morning : Things have been great! Bob and I really are so happy to have Ruby. She's a lot of fun. She has so much energy for a 9 year old dog! And she is a very good dog. :) It's so weird to have a dog that isn't always trying to climb into the fridge. She's definitely claimed a spot on our couch now - although she will only get all the way on when no one else is on it! Otherwise she will keep her back legs on the ground, like she's not really on all the way.... Thank you very much for introducing us!

Buddy Hill: Buddy is settling in wonderfully in his new home :) He loves following his nose in the back yard, going for long walks, playing with his cousin, and napping. Buddy sometimes get sad when we leave so we spend a lot of time practicing what we learned in obedience class to keep his mind busy and focused. Every day we see a little more of the real Buddy, like the beagle who dug a hole in the back yard looking for something or the Buddy that darted out the front door. We're all getting to know each other and figuring out our new schedules. We're very happy to have Buddy!

Daisy Baldwin: This has been an amazing week for our family! Becky and Casey did a fantastic job fostering her and it shows. She got right into our car, just as Becky predicted, and loved the car ride. Alice and I talked about who would drive and who would be with Daisy. We decided, for safety reasons, that I would be slightly more able to focus on driving and not stare at our beautiful new puppy the whole way home. That turned out to be true, but only barely.

We have taken her for a trail run nearly every day, this puppy LOVES the woods and runs like crazy! Luckily, we do too. She’s a power house on the trail, but then takes a power nap once we get back. She doesn’t always have to nap right away. Sometimes it’s important for her to keep an eye on the woods. Those squirrels can’t be trusted you know…

After our trail runs, and especially with all the rain this week, Daisy comes in a bit damp. We have a towel near the door that we expected we might have to fight with her to use, but she surprised us. Rolling around in the towel is one of her favorite games and it’s just so cute! She loves the towels so much that they’ve become snuggle spots.

Last Friday we attended an event in Annapolis called Canines and Cocktails. Alice and I were super excited to finally go to one of these with our own dog! (Yes, we have been the weird people who go to these events to pet other people’s dogs…) We invited one of our friends over with her Pomeranian mix to meet Daisy. They had a moment at first, but quickly became buddies. Daisy also had a great time at the event meeting lots of other people and dogs. No one could believe she had been with us for less than a week which speaks well of how well socialized she was by Becky and Casey.

Later today, we’re planning to go into Annapolis and introduce her to Paws Pet Boutique. It’s the local shop that sponsors Canines and Cocktails so we want to support her business. Also, we saw on her website a set of lead, collar, and tag all with a matching daisy pattern. We expect a cuteness overload and hope to be featured on Paw’s Facebook page.

Thank you so much for making it possible for Daisy to come into our lives!

Sparkle Garrett (now Ellie): My name is Sparkle Garrett (Ellie). I found myself without a home back in August of 2015. BRSM rescued me and found me a foster home in Virginia.

I settled in to my life in Virginia and started a daily routine of chasing squirrels and following my nose around my yard. My foster family took me for a long car ride back to Maryland one day in September, 2015 called Beagle Bash. Soon after that party, where all of us hounds looked alike, I was becoming popular and my foster family realized I was going to find a forever home very soon. I knew they were happy that so many people wanted to love me, but my foster family realized they already did--they became what people call "foster failures" and adopted me. They gave me the name Ellie, which means "shining light." Deep down, we all knew that I was already home, where I belonged, forever.

Chili West: Everything with Chili is amazing! She is learning some new tricks and has her appetite back. Our girls just love and adore her and Chili the same. I call her my little shadow. I have been running 3 miles with her every morning and although there is a lot of sniffing and exploring, we manage to make the whole run. Thanks so much!

Maddie Garrett: Maddie originally came to us as a very fearful foster who BRSM rescued from a very bad hoarding situation. She was the most timid dog we had ever had in our home. It took her weeks to feel comfortable taking a treat from us, months to get comfortable with interacting with new people, and even more months to be able to safely walk on a leash without escaping the harness at the slightest sound outside. But from day one, Maddie loved our other dogs and easily followed them around the house looking to them for guidance on "how to be a dog". Maddie has blossomed over her time here as foster dog and hardly resembles at all the scared little beagle we first met. She is curious with new people and warms up quickly, she is housebroken (no small task for a dog with her background), loves cuddling on the couch, knows how sit and sit pretty at meal time, and even occasionally now leads the pack instead of following it. It became clear to us that Maddie had chosen us as her forever family so we adopted her after 7 months of fostering. Maddie is a happy, amazingly resilient little dog and it has been wonderful to watch her blossom into a real beagle. Every morning when I hear her little tail thumping excitedly as I wake up, I'm grateful for the joy she brings us and that BRSM saved her!

Jasper K George (now Kemper): He has fit right into the family and has stolen my husband's heart. They are the best of buddies. He is a little slow getting around but I do believe this was from the heartworm treatment. I understand that the needles they use can also cause some type of paralysis and he does have a little trouble getting around. But we're working on it. Kemper is the sweetest love ever

It is been such a wonderful experience dealing with your rescue. Thank you so much .

Harold George (now Tucker): Tucker is loving his forever family and we love him. He LOVES being outside. We have a very large fenced area. Unfortunately he barks non-stop when he picks up a scent, which is most of the time. I just stick my head out through door and give him a stern "Tucker no barking ," hoping eventually he will drop that habit. Tucker is such a joy and I think he is grandma's favorite...he snuggles in with her every night. But Saturday mornings when they get up, he comes charging into our room, up on the bed and snuggles with me ....I just love this Beagle.

Trigger Henderson (now Stanley): Stanley has made himself right at home. He loves snuggles and kisses from EVERYONE. His favorite place to sleep is our living room couch during the day and our bed at night. No accidents in the house so it looks like he is totally house trained (hooray!). He loves his walks and treats, and is a super happy guy! We got lucky, that's for sure :-)

Amy Garrett : Amy is doing well. She still has separation anxiety and won't leave my side. She has been to the Vet twice already. Amy loves to run. You can see the pure joy in her as she gets to run free on a open field. Her other favorite pastime? ( see pic) :-)

E-sa Henderson (now Neko): Things our going great with the pup formerly know as Esa - we now call her Neko! She is as sweet as can be and loves meeting all of the dogs she encounters on our walks in the city. Her favorite hobbies include sniffing trees, playing tug of war, and getting belly rubs :) She is becoming well known in our neighborhood because she approaches everyone as if they are her new best friend!

Jorge Hughes: Jorge sends his regards and thanks to all at BRSM, especially Foster Mom Lisa, her husband Lewis, and Beagle Bella who took such good care of him and gave him a chance!

Jorge is loving life. He is surrounded by an acre of heavily wooded land and a large extended family that dotes on him. Jorge just recently had a great time following our 7 month old granddaughter around the house all weekend. She crawls everywhere at "Jorge speed." Photo below. Jorge's favorite activities are playing with multiple family members, going on walks, sniffing and patrolling his outside territory, and especially following Mom into the kitchen or waking up with Dad for middle of the night snacks! Jorge is very busy with all the activity, and is a happy camper!

Eric, Donna and Jorge

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