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Tim Amelia (now Pippin): Pippin is doing great in his new home. He loves spending time with the other dogs and with the kids. As you can see, the feeling is mutual. His favorite words are "treat" and "food", followed by "play" and "run" - no surprises there. We are thrilled to have him in the family.

Merle Washington (now Pearl): We are calling her Pearl now. She has tried all the beds out in the house and seems to like them all. So far yesterday was the only time she had an accident in the house, today 0 accidents! And she had a bath this evening and after that she was a different dog! She literally started running around the house and chasing after the cat! It is really funny!! She has a proper grooming appointment on Tuesday of next week but I had to get all of the mud buddies off of her. I think she knows this is her home now and were going to take care of her! She seems to be happy! And our other dogs aren't even to jealous of her!

Foxy J (now Annie): Annie joined our family in June 2017. While we knew Annie was battling health issues such as a heart murmur and arthritis, follow up visits with our vet revealed a mass on her liver, kidneys, and spleen. As of now, Annie is not in any pain so our goal to give her the best life possible from comfy dog beds, walks around the yards, homemade meals, time with her beagle sister Etta, and a recent family trip to western NC. We thank BRSM for rescuing Annie and Alison for fostering her.

Pepper Northhampton: Pepper is doing well, though still easily startled by simple things around the house. Put a bag in a new place, and she will not pass by it. Helps us be a bit more tidy. :)

Not quite accident free, but we are getting close. Well, mostly we need to make sure we get her out on schedule. She has given no sign yet that she needs to go out. No biggie - the two rugs she pees on are really old anyway.

Not food crazy, but she has embraced getting a treat after she goes out to potty.

She loves Otis, the guinea pig. Licks him, like he his one of her puppies.

We love her so much, quirks and all.

Gretchen Garrett (now Chloe): Hello everyone at the BRSM. You knew me as Gretchen Garrett but my Dad said I needed a prettier name so he changed it to Chloe. I just wanted to thank everyone who helped get me from the shelter to my wonderful new home. I live with two other BRSM Alumni and we are all spoiled rotten. Life was great after I learned some manners. Apparently getting in the trash and getting on top of the dining room table is frowned upon.

My hair has grown back some. I love when they pet me and tell me how soft I am. My Mom loves when I give her hugs by putting my head under her neck. I try to steal all of the attention from my brother and sister. I have lots of pretty dresses, sweaters and toys. I am telling you I hit the jackpot with this family. They tell me all the time how much they love me and they are so happy they adopted me. See you at the Beagle Bash!!
Love, Chloe

Harry Henderson: Harry has been amazing - we are still learning new things everyday as his personality unfolds before us but we absolutely adore him - even when he gets a little stubborn :). He loves to cuddle and the kids love to give him big hugs and get lots of licks. He fits into our family lifestyle very well and we are happy to have found each other!

Thank you for your parts in making our family complete! :).

Snoopy Rothschild Hughes: Here's a pic of our little boy who can now jump on sofas. (He came to rescue a bit pudgy.) He goes up and down all 3 flights of stairs in our house, including the narrow, pie-shaped ones to the 3rd floor. Thanks so much for all you do.

Dory Columbia: Here is our nifty little 8-yr old. When she first came to us, she was only 20 lbs, with fur that seemed dusty and dull. She was also unlike any of the other beagles we ever had - very quiet and a careful eater who never gorged herself. She's still quiet, but now uses her voice to remind us when it's time for her to eat. She apparently can tell time pretty accurately. She loves all the other neighborhood dogs and is very affectionate towards dogs and people. Rabbits fascinate her, but so do turtles. She's become very curious about everything she comes in contact with. She introduces me to all sorts of people - she's a wonderful ambassador. Because of her, I've managed to pass my last stress test with flying colors! After our last beagle passed I thought we were through with dogs. I'm so glad we were wrong about that! Thanks for picking out our perfect new pet with us.

Octavia Hughes: Today marks a year that Octavia arrived here so wanted to give you an update.
Medically, we’re almost all-clear. Octavia stopped scratching and the hair on her belly has grown back. She also stopped wearing the Thundershirt…which is good because she put on a few pounds and it would be a tight fit right now. Earlier in the year we had a few scares: twice it appeared she was having some sort of seizures and we ended up in the emergency room where they kept her for observation overnight both times, and she was fine a few hours later. Extensive neurological tests came all back normal so the medical consensus right now is that she was dehydrated since both days she did a lot of running at the community park, and she didn’t drink a lot of water. (She seems to drink very little on her own….we switched her to all dry food and are adding some sodium-free broth to her food and water bowl, and that seems to help).
Octavia has integrated very well. She sleeps on either the couch or the bed. Lucy and her get along, while she is afraid of Little Miss, our 18 year old three legged, deaf cat. But she mainly ignores Octavia so there are no issues there. Octavia loves to be outside and in the yard, especially now that the salamanders are back in the area. She has become the world’s greatest salamander hunter and one of these days she’ll prove that by actually catching one (not sure she would know what to do, if that happened). In addition, she became an official “brewdog” after she supervised me brewing some beer. (An english style ESB, or “Extra Special Beagle”). Her hips and read legs are still stiff but she can move and run quite well despite those limitations, but only for short distances. She can only keep up with the big dogs in the neighborhood for a short time, but she really enjoys the interaction. After all that activity, she likes to have her snack, plunk down on the couch, and snore a few hours away.

click here to see Octavia's passion for salamanders

2016: Things are going well with Octavia as she gets adjusted to her new home. We’ve been working with her vet to get her scratching under control, and it has been promising so far. Wash her about once a week and we leave her Thundershirt off until she is completely dry. She can go a little over an hour without scratching, and much longer when wearing her shirt.

She has been exploring the neighborhood, and has most of the local kids (as well as the adults) wound around her little paws. Gets along with the other dogs, but they pay more attention to her than she does to them, because there is sniffing to be done. The dog next door and Octavia have come up with a joint “snack dance” whenever they think there is the possibility that they might get one. She has added chasing salamanders and squirrels to her repertoir

Denver: I just wanted to take a moment to say hello and give you an update on Denver. We adopted Denver back in the summer of 2013 and from the moment we brought him into our home he stole all of our hearts. His should be the picture in Webster's dictionary next to "unconditional love". I don't think he has an angry bone in his body and he loves everyone he meets (including his two cat roommates). He is my constant companion everywhere I go and I wouldn't want it any other way.

We were a little hesitant adopting an older dog, but it has been one of the best decisions of our lives. Denver will never be Best in Show, fastest dog on the planet, or win any beauty contests, but he is number 1 in all of our hearts. My best buddy has been through a lot over the past few years (thyroid problems, megaesophagus, bad hip, blind in one eye) but he has never complained. We do our best every day to repay his unconditional love and ensure he is a happy healthy Beagle.

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you again for the opportunity to meet and adopt this amazing dog. I don't think there is a good way to measure how much he has come to mean to our family, but I can say that he makes all of our lives a little brighter with each wag of the tail and rub of the belly.

Claudine (now Deeny): Here is a recent picture of Claudine, aka Deeny, who was rescued through BRSM in 2011! She is living it up with her puppy brother and 16 month old human sister these days, getting lots of belly rubs and snuggles. :) Deeny's human sister thinks she likes to wear hats.

Mollie Henderson: Mollie is such a love. She and our other dog, Colt, have become fast friends. We are thrilled to have her! We are working on her boundaries, though. Caught her on the kitchen counter top eating the cats food today!!! LOL...she's crafty.

Zoe Saint Mary: There was a Zoe sighting in the neighborhood. Her family just moved to a house near one of our volunteers. They have had her since Dec, 2005. She's lookin' good. Its obvious they still love her as much today as the day they got her.

Lance Henderson: Lance came to us as a foster but we quickly fell in love with his sweet disposition. Like a typical beagle he loves food, long walks and lots of snuggles. We adopted him within weeks as he completes our rescued trio nicely.

Blondie Floyd: So far things are going better than I could have hoped! She's a very sweet dog and is adapting very well. She's still getting used to sleeping at night, but we let my daughter sleep on the couch next to her in the crate and that helps her. Thank you for everything.

Freddie Webster (now Tucker): Every day something is new:
April 2nd, on the day we took him home, we purchased a bully stick. Tucker took it outside, hid it, later on retrieved it and ate it all up. Now the young lady at PetSmart said it would last awhile... WRONG
April 3rd, he started to hide stuffed animals around the house in plain view thinking no one would see them; he would look to see if we were watching him. If we were caught looking he would take it somewhere else in the house.
April 4th, he started to jump on the sofas in the living room only. He started to hide his toys again. He now likes to jump up and hit us on our legs with his paws.
April 5th - the mother lode. Now he has decided to jump on every couch and now he lies down with Kathy during the day. He loves going in his crate taking his collection of toys, chewing on his deer antler.
There are many other funny things he does. What a bundle of joy he has brought to our lives. Thank you so much.

Pimento Pepper (now Dexter): Dexter's settling in nicely in his new home - likes to chase the cats a bit too much, but we're working on that. :-)

We are currently enrolled in puppy training with Pawsitive Paul's Training, which is more for us than for him, but he likes to play with the other dogs there, so we're all happy. He loves all people and other dogs, and is a joy to have in our home.

Rica: Rica has bonded well with our dog, Corabeth, and seems well adjusted to our home and other dog, Rosie.
click here to see a video of the fun

Rocky Caroline: We had followed Rocky’s story on BRSM for a while—he and his brother Sammy had been pulled from the shelter Labor Day weekend of 2016, but then their foster commitment fell through and they were stuck in crates at the vet for months. At the beginning of their veterinary adventure, our first dog (also a BRSM alum), Rooster, was rapidly declining in health. We couldn’t take on another dog while all our energy was going toward Rooster’s needs. When Rooster did pass away (the day before my birthday, in October of 2016), the grief was too great to immediately take in another dog. A couple of months later, I was getting anxious for the click-click of claws on the linoleum again, although the rest of my family wasn’t certain they were ready to open their hearts again.

Enter Rocky, stage left! Patti got in touch with me just after the holidays in December, knowing that we were currently without a dog. Rocky had had a brief time in a foster home in October, but he had not gotten along with the other dogs in the home, which led to his return to the vet. Yet he loved people and was a favorite at the clinic. Would we be able to foster him as a single dog? Well, it broke my heart to think of him in that crate, so I rallied the family. “It’ll be temporary,” I said, “just until we find him a permanent home.”

Within hours of Rocky coming to our house, my husband and daughter began the “let’s keep him for ourselves!” campaign. So yes, we were record-time foster failures! Rocky just fit in from the get-go. He loves people, toys, and food, in that order. Stay still too long, and you’re liable to find his head or paw on your knee, or, should your face be within range, your cheeks thoroughly kissed. He’s not terrific with other dogs, but sometimes he is chill with them (or at least can control his barking around them!). (Don’t worry, he won’t be crashing the Beagle Bash!) He’s an absolute love with people, especially children. He defers to the outdoor cat. We love our Rocky, and, as you can see from the picture, he’s been sharing the love too.

Marlin Columbia: Marlin is the sweetest dog. He loves hugs, chasing his favorite ball, whining after rabbits, and going on walks. He's a playful dog and runs around with my dog, Buddy.

Jasper Hughes: When Jasper was in the animal shelter, he was too scared to eat. The shelter contacted BRSM with an urgent request for foster care. Jasper’s foster parents responded to BRSM’s request and picked him up a few days later – the same day that Jasper left the vet. Jasper was still so scared that he didn’t want to get out of the cage in the transport car and just huddled by his foster mom’s feet instead of doing his business. Jasper wouldn’t eat any treats during the rest of the drive – he was in a dog bed in his foster mom’s lap for about an hour without moving. When Jasper got to his foster home, he was still very scared – he couldn’t control his bodily functions. He probably had never been in a house before because anything reflective was unsettling – how could that other dog move every time Jasper moved?

Jasper met his foster brothers Paco and Caleb, and soon everything changed. With a little bit of space from his foster parents, Jasper greedily ate a bowl of kibble. The next day Jasper was already coming out of his shell. Jasper was playing with toys and his foster brothers regularly. He was still apprehensive around his foster parents, but his personality was starting to shine. Within a week, his foster parents turned into forever parents.

Jasper is a gem. He loves walking and playing with his foster brothers or by himself with toys. Sometimes Jasper collects toys and piles them up in a dog bed. Rawhide strips are fun (so long as he can keep it away from Caleb).

Now the same dog that was too scared to eat is helping get food out of the container and jumping around until his food bowl hits the floor. Jasper walks pretty well on a leash and reflections are no longer an issue. Jasper loves to cuddle – either with his brothers or his people. Jasper is a perfect example of what can happen to a dog with some TLC, kibble and a warm bed.

Luna Marie Baldwin (now Willow): Willow is a complete love bug and would prefer to be with someone 24-7. She loves to give hugs and enjoys snuggling. She loves to hide under the covers whether in our daughter’s bed or in her own bed (picture attached shows how she will put the covers over her and then lay down). She has been a quick learner with an easy-going personality. She was quick to learn our normal day to day life activities; when Georgena is going to school (I think Georgena is her favorite in the family), when John and I go to work and enjoys when our son, Chris, comes home occasionally from college. She has learned her backyard but on warmer days prefers to go on walks all over the neighborhood. She shows no emotion one way or another as she walks by other dogs in their yards as they bark at her. She also enjoys the ‘chase’ as we run after her in the backyard until she decides it is time to lay down from exhaustion.

She has gone camping with us in our RV and seems to be handling this well. She enjoys the new sites and smells. While is Disney World this past December we did find out that she is extremely afraid of fireworks (Disney sets them off three times a night ). That was difficult to manage. She has handled loud noises in our home just fine (construction of a remodeled bathroom, people coming in and out to fix HVAC system, etc.). However, when the refrigerator cycles to make ice cubes, she gets very anxious. She tries to hide in the bathroom upstairs and has also peed in the house because of this. We have also learned she doesn’t like when the wind blows and makes the front screen door make a subtle sound. She remains anxious about these for a good half hour or so. We are working with her on these, as neither one of these will going away.

We were advised that she was around six years of age when we adopted her, but our vet stated that with her clear eyes and how healthy she seems, he feels she was more around three years of age when we obtained her. We are glad to say that she is healthy and doing well.

Marigold Baldwin: Marigold (aka GoldieGirl) is doing wonderfully! She makes a nice addition to our two other BRSM alums Bingo (formerly Gibson) and Daisy (formerly Hailey). We call them the Threegles or the Three Amigles. She has a gained a bit of weight so she doesn't look so skinny now and we think (fingers crossed) that we have licked the ear issues. She loves her walks, her toys, and hanging on the sofa with the other two. She actually tries to play with our cats but they don't seem to know what "downward dog" means. She is very attached to my son and gets to sleep on his bed at night! She is very polite and waits her turn for treats. She knows sit and stay which is more than I can say for my other two!

Nemo Columbia (now Guy): Guy finally tested negative for heartworm and has become officially ours! As a retired couple, we are thrilled to have added him to our three cat family where he's become the "sidekick" my husband needed, both inside the house and working on projects outside. And thank you Patti from BRSM for your diligence in finding every possible escape route out of what we thought was a securely fenced yard. Now our Guy thoroughly sniffs everywhere in it each day, then comes inside to be our big cuddly boy. He loves to take his naps pressed against my husband, snoring away. Of course he snuggles in bed with us at night. Meanwhile life has become much more interesting for the cats, each one having a unique way of greeting him as they pass by, Guy respectfully dipping his head and looking away. He is our joy!

Snickers Webster: Over the years I have had a number of beagles that melted my heart but none so much as Ms. Snickers. Jax (our black lab) and Ace (our beagle rescue from 2014) are not very vocal and Snickers is showing them how it's done. When she comes in from outside time she lets one know how excited she is to see you. (Music to my ears.)

Her favorite playmate is Jax. The first time she felt comfortable enough here to play she pretended to be the 'big dog" and jumped around like a cricket and nipped at Jax's front paws. Jax was totally confused and would look over his shoulder at me as if to say 'What am I supposed to do with this?????." Now they seek each other out for tug-o-war with the ropes and Snickers, with her 15 lbs, just doesn't realize that she has no chance against Jax with his 100 lbs. She does jump in though as if she's a big dog.

My favorite time with her is when I get home from work at 3:00 in the morning. She will be snuggled on the couch at the top of the steps and she has me trained to start the belly rubbing. She rolls on her back and coos as I commence the obligatory activity. I think she would opine that my training is complete.

Thanks again and you can count on my forever support.

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