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Blanche Hughes (now Cricket): Greetings All, Here’s a long overdue update on Cricket. We’ve all survived the holidays and first month of tax season.

I’m very happy to say that Cricket’s insecurity issues seem to be almost gone. She has relaxed and does not have to be on us or underfoot all the time. In the mornings she will actually go back to bed after breakfast and no longer stands outside the shower waiting for me.

Unbelievably, she actually sits and waits in the living room while Benny finishes eating and leaves his bowl do she can make sure he didn’t miss any morsels.

They each sit on the bed and play with toys. She no longer growls or guards us or any other resources. While I’m sure this may reappear at different times, we are thrilled with her progress.

We love her so much.
Here’s a few recent pics...
Thanks again,
Kay W. – Posted March 14, 2019

Blanche (now Cricket) was one the Golden Girls who were surrendered to the shelter together. Rose was pulled by another rescue group, but the other three found their forever homes through BRSM, including Dorothy (Dee), adopted by Valerie, your current Success Stories hostess.

Blanche Hughes (now Cricket)
Dorothy (Dee) Hughes
Blanche Hughes

Yanni George: Thanks for checking in! We are doing pretty well. :) Yanni (now Gus) has done a good job of learning the rules of the house, and he is a super snuggly boy!

The biggest thing we are working on right now is his relationship with our cats. He still tends to lunge and bark at them when he sees them, and so we've been working with a trainer on getting him to treat them as just "part of the scenery". Right now, the upstairs part of the house is off-limits to him, and that's where the cats have basically staked out their living area, so it's fairly easy to keep contact controlled. Sooner or later, though, they are all going to have to get used to the idea that they all live together!

Health-wise, things are going well. He has been through two rounds of deworming to get rid of the hookworms, and he is starting to gain weight, which is nice to see. We're also keeping an eye on his ears (since he just had an infection). So, we're making progress!

Here are some recent pictures of him napping (in the second pic, he is co-napping with my son). As you can see, he has made himself at home!

Evangeline R. – posted March 5, 2019

Yanni George

Bayla Davies (now Lulu): Lulu's mother, Malyn M. sent in this photo and said the following "We thought you would enjoy our first dog shame photo. Lulu was quite proud of herself."

If Lulu could talk, she might tell you that getting her chops on a whole tune steak was quite the success story.

For more on Lulu, click on the link below.

Bayla Davies (now Lulu)

Posted February 23, 2019

Charlie Baldwin: Charlie and friends in February, 2018.

February 14, 2019 - A year later, this video update was submitted by Charlie “Awesome” Williams.

Charlie has quickly become a contributing member of the pack. He is the first to start the howling when Daddy comes home from work and is also the first to offer many wet smoochies. He has also taken on the role of guardian of the back yard. He loves to stand on the deck and look out over the fence into the woods and scare away any wildlife that might be lurking - squirrels, birds, you know!

It didn’t take Charlie long to learn that we keep fresh baked puppy cookies in the fridge - he heads straight to the kitchen when he comes in from outside. He waits very patiently for his treats and is very appreciative of the goodies that he receives.

Charlie is doing well learning to walk with his new pack. We’ve paired him with Cooper who is a little older, so we can keep his pace down due to his heart murmur. He loves his walks and really enjoys car rides. As the weather continues to improve, we will increase the number of outings so he can socialize more.

He is a wonderful addition to our pack, and we love him so much. Yes, it was a foster fail, but in such a good way. We think Charlie knows that he landed on the Gravy Train in the First Class Car. He brings us laughter and lots of kisses! He is so handsome!

Originally posted February 28, 2018

Hatch Pepper: Hatch Pepper, or as he’s known #HatchTheWonderDog, has been a wonderful addition to our family! We brought Hatch to his furever home on February 8th, 2017 and he quickly became king of the castle.

Every morning he enjoys his walk, where he meets up with his German Shepherd girlfriend, to run and play! He absolutely loves everyone and lives to give his kisses out for free! He’s a fierce protector of his yard against the villainous squirrels and any bug that he finds wondering around.

Hatch has such a big personality and loves to “talk back” as only a hound can do! He was our pick of the litter and brings joy to our family every day. We live to spoil him and he lives to let us! We can’t thank BRSM enough for our wonderful boy!!

Catherine B. – posted January 30, 2019

Hatch was one of eight puppies born to Pepper Northhampton in November 2016. For more on Hatch and his siblings, click on a link below.

Hatch Pepper
Thai Pepper
Ancho Pepper (now Oliver)
Poblano Pepper (now Simon)
Pimento Pepper (now Dexter)
Bell Pepper
Cayenne Pepper
Serrano Pepper (now Luna)

Callie Washington (now Tally): Tally is doing great here. She loves taking long walks in the woods, and also loves snuggling up with her people. She wants to make friends with everyone, people and dogs alike!

She is truly a joy. Thanks for all the work you do at BRSM! 

Betsy B. - posted January 23, 2019

See how Tally looked before joining her new family...
Callie Washington (now Tally)

Dillon Warren: We did change Dillon's name, to Casey. His foster Mom, Sarah, was thoughtful enough to ask early on if we planned to do that, and started using the new name with him well before he came home with us, so that, along with the rest of his transition, has been pretty seamless.

Casey (Dillon) is an absolute joy -- playful, smart, affectionate, and above all happy, so he makes us happy too. He's taken to training like a champ, and now that his exercise restriction after heartworm treatment is over, he's enjoying exploring our woods and serenading the neighborhood with beagle-song. He's a wonderful addition to our family and we're lucky to have him.

Thanks to Patti, Teresa, Sarah and everyone at BRSM for all your help.

Linda C. - posted January 17, 2018

For a little more on Casey before he was adopted, click on the link below.
Dillon Warren (now Casey)

Huckleberry Hughes (now Ovi): Ovi is doing so well. We named him Ovi after the Washington Capitals hockey player, Ovechkin.

He is almost completely potty trained. He’s a little cuddle bug. He enjoys taking his daily long walks, playing with his kitten brother, and play dates with his “cousins”.

As far as Christmas decor, he’s very interested in the tree, but has not chewed anything yet! He even came to the Christmas tree farm with us to pick our tree!

He is a great addition to our family!
Tina L. - posted January 12, 2019

Ovi was one of the four pups born to Mango Hughes on July 31, 2018 .

To read more on Ovi, who was adopted in November, 2018, and his mom and siblings, click on the links below:
Huckleberry Hughes (now Ovi)
Quince Hughes (now Charlie)
Kiwi Hughes (now Flash)
Plum Hughes (now Maggie)
Mango Hughes

Bagel Hughes (now Cooper): Cooper has been a part of our pack since the end of August 2018. He quickly grew attached to our other beagle, Billy, who also happens to be a BRSM alum.

As you may remember, Cooper was terrified of many things. He is slowly building confidence, and he started dog training a couple of months ago. He also had two fractured teeth which have since been removed and overall, he is in great health. He gets nervous with other dogs, but he is super attached to Billy...go figure LOL! We are working on the nervousness/anxiety though.

I have to say Cooper is just the sweetest little boy when he opens his heart up to you. He loves food by the way! His vet Dr Myers, is winning his trust with food/treats. He used to be so terrified he refused treats. Not anymore! We are getting there. We love him very much, and we know he was just meant to be part of our pack.

I just want to thank you again for saving him. If it wasn’t for you, and a few more days passed by in the shelter, he wouldn’t be here anymore. He totally deserved it, and his is thriving. More importantly, he is being spoiled with toys, food, and most of all LOVE.
Sarah Y. - January 8, 2019

For more on Cooper and Billy, click on the names below:

Cali Southampton (now Callie): Callie is our little adventurer. I think she would spend all day outside if she could. She absolutely loves being in the backyard and seems to never tire of it. We live in a townhouse, so it's a wonder that a small yard keeps her so occupied. She loves to dig, as well as search around the fence in hopes of breaching it! She is like a machine with her nose to the ground, and howls incessantly, when on the scent of an animal during a walk. She loves to explore all around the house and climb on top of things (including the kitchen table ??). It's so much fun to watch her and our other dog, Annie, romp around together and chase each other around the house. They are just the cutest.

April Warren: Our little girl, April, has turned around 360 degrees since we have had her. She is even more affectionate, she loves her walks more and now goes outside the back yard more than she has ever done. Now when I tell her to come downstairs with me she comes flying down which she didn’t do before. I am so glad she has made such a drastic change for the better. She is still a little skittish but not as bad as she was earlier. We both love this little girl and boy does she love our other beagle, Marvin. They act like they have been together forever. They both lay on top of each other sometimes which makes me laugh.

Take care and wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Dixie Hughes (now Darcy): Darcy is a very happy (but perhaps a bit theatrical) and a deeply loved addition to our family. When Darcy first came home, she was largely inactive and unfriendly towards other dogs. Now that Darcy is on a good joint supplement and has had plenty of opportunities to meet other dogs, I can proudly boast that she's down 5 pounds, goes for 2-3 mile walks through Rock Creek Park, and has a handful of older doggy friends she likes to sniff and lay around with. Darcy still prefers to move at an incredibly slow pace (taking the scenic route, as we call it), so much so that I'm often asked if Darcy is a senior beagle (she's six). She will pick up a nice trot or even break into a run off the leash. Stubborn beagle.

Darcy LOVES a good nap, especially if it's with Mama. She also enjoys the occasional car ride, snacking on carrots, and pushing the pillows of the beds and couches. She definitely does not like the vacuum or the bath.

Adopting Darcy is the best decision I’ve ever made. She has brought more joy and happiness to my life than I could have imagined. She came at the perfect time, when work was overwhelming and exhausting, and turned everything around. More than anything, Darcy has taught me to be patient and gentle. I love her to pieces.

Janelle George (now Annie): It’s been a year since Annie came to live with us and we couldn’t love her more. It was months before she starting to feel comfortable around us. She would go upstairsand hide all day. I let do this for a month. Then I started shutting the doors upstairs where she has her night bed. She would hide whenever anyone came to the house and I had to bring her food to her where she stayed in her bed all day. She would not eat if anyone was around and keep watch as she ate. Now she is eating in the laundry with Millie (beagle sister) and she comes when I call her to eat. Annie barks at anyone who comes to the house and when she is by herself for a while comes to look to see where we are. She does not try to hide anymore. In the evenings when we are watching Hallmark movies, she jumps on the sofa with Millie and me. If I put her in my lap, she will stay for a little while, then she jumps down. She will run around and play at times. We have not let her off the leash and think we will try to see how she does in the fenced-in yard this winter off the leash. She has come a long way, but still, at times, has trust issues. She loves to eat, as all beagles do. Annie seems very content. The first week she was here she got out in the yard and we had a hard time catching her since our fenced in yard is quite large. Now, if the door happens to be open, she does not try to get out at all. Just wanted to give you a year update on this sweet little girl. Merry Christmas!

Abby Warren: Abby is doing great! When we last spoke she was dealing with being left home alone. We immediately stopped crating her and started leaving her with our other two dogs to roam the downstairs part of the house. She took to this idea right away and has since been a perfect angel! We do leave pee pads down in front of the door she uses to go to the bathroom, and she only uses them on longer work days. Otherwise, she is free to play with the other puppies and nap on the couches as much as she likes. She also has a huge personality! She is the goofiest dog I've ever had! She has the funniest facial expressions, she groans like an old man when curling up to go to sleep, she runs (not walks!) everywhere, she's curious about everything, and she gets everyone in the house in a playful mood! After all that, she'll curl right up next to the other puppies or my husband or I and just nap away! She has been a delight and my husband and I are so happy we made her a part of the family.

Apple Hughes (now Willow): She has adjusted nicely to family life, enjoying walks, treats, toys and snuggling! She is a joy to have living with us. She and Harper adore each other. They play and take naps together- really sweet. We are looking forward to her first of many holiday seasons with us!
Merry Christmas and thanks again!

Roscoe Warren: Roscoe's foster family quickly became a "foster fail" when they couldn't imagine life without him! He's pictured here with his 4-year-old sister. They are inseparable.

Lola Nash: All is good with Lola. She was a hand full initially, still can be a bit stubborn at times. We kept her name the same, because our son likes it. Here is a recent picture of her.

Hank Berkely (now Stanley): Stanley, named after the Washington Capitals Stanley Cup win, is enjoying long walks in Rock Creek Park, baying at the alley cats, taking many many naps, and defending his neighborhood from those pesky squirrels. My husband and I agreed, as a 10th anniversary present to each other, that we would adopt a beagle. Stanley is the center of our lives and very very loved.

Queenie Hughes (now Mulan): Mulan came into our lives as we were looking to provide a home for an older beagle to enjoy a peaceful life. One worry was that she might not be able to keep up with her new younger sister, Molly Moo. It turned out Mulan is the most energetic girl. She loves her walk so much and always seems disappointed that it has to end even after an hour and a half. She is a sweet, affectionate “baby,” and she has enriched our lives since the first day we saw her. We are grateful for her foster mom, Audrey, and everyone involved at Beagle Rescue of Southern Maryland.

Kado Springfield: I'm so happy to let you all know that Kado has found his forever home with us! His new human-beagle family loves him to pieces--and Kado seems to love us all right back. His assimilation into our former all-girl pack of Tia, Amelia & Jayda (all BRSM alumni) has been seamless. Kado immediately started grooming each of the girls on his very first day with us and they all love it. Jayda especially schooches up next to Kado constantly and offers an ear for him to lick endlessly. And now instead of there usually being one big beagle lump resting in the living room, there are two beagle lumps side-by-side with any combination of happy beagle friends. We walk a lot around here and Kado just adores his jaunts. Thanks so much to Barb for allowing us to adopt another of her wonderful foster pups!

Bones Sunderland (now Bo): Bo loves his new neighborhood and is friendly to everyone he meets; adults, children and dogs! He also gets along with the resident cats! He is a great ambassador for beagles too. He’s such a wonderful dog! Thank you, Beagle Rescue of Southern Maryland, for saving his life and making it possible for me to adopt him!

Gabby Union (now Gabbi): We are very excited to bring Gabbi into our family. We looked for quite some time to find a companion for our beagle, Cami, after the loss of our elderly dog early this year. Gabbi is adapting quickly and we are excited to learn more about her everyday. We are so grateful for the support and guidance of Gabbi’s fosters, Sheila and Jan.

Clyde Bastrop: Clyde is so happy! We love him so much already. He’s getting used to our routine. Absolutely loves having a backyard to run and play. We introduced him to our neighbor's labs. I believe they will be best friends. I’m so thankful we found him.

Chloe Souriceau: We adopted Chloe from your organization in late 2008 or 2009. Sadly, she died in mid June of 2018. During the past years, she was a wonderful pet. She was well taken care of and loved by all. I will really miss her.

Walter Hughes (now Mr Beasley): A little rocky at the start turned into a great new addition to our home. Mr Beasley is a gentle, friendly companion to both of us. No favorites. No food aggression, no more trash hound activity. I guess he was testing our limits but found a much better life as a 'good dog'.

Vet put him on a prescription diet which has helped his weight. His favorite places are: 'his sofa' and what was our bed. He gravitates to whoever meets his temperature needs. That means he is my best friend when it is cold. Neither when warm.

Oh, those beagles.

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