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Victor Pax: Viktor came to his forever home on 3/10/19, and we are head over heels in love. We decided to keep his name the same but added a K to add a little Harry Potter flare ;), and in order not to confuse him more as he adjusts.
Viktor is an absolute teddy bear and had adjusted seamlessly to our family. Cooper (our other beagle) has taken Viktor by the paw and showed him the ropes. Viktor loves his big puppy brother and shows it with excited tail wags whenever he sees him.

The Trammells & Smiths - posted May 24, 2019

Check out what Viktor went through before finding his forever home by clicking the link below.
Victor Pax (now Viktor)

Shaylee Arundel (now LeeLoo): We have changed her name to Leeloo. She has been responding to it very well, better than she was responding to Shaylee for us.
She loves copying her new brother Jack our 8 year old chow husky mix. We find them curled up together on their dog bed a lot! She has been very gentle with our 16 year old lab giving her plenty of space and understanding she doesn't want to play. Leeloo has been wonderful for Jack, she has gotten him to start playing again and be less of an old man.
She still loves to cuddle, and the expects it every morning after breakfast and every night before going into her crate. She is learning her manners well, as with any puppy it takes time but she picks up on what our other two dogs do and has started copying them. For example they sit to get their leashes on or off and she does that now without being prompted.
She has been the perfect fit so far!

Kalyn H. - posted May 17, 2019

Check out the beginning of LeeLoo's journey to success by clicking on the link below.
Shaylee Arundel (now LeeLoo)

Mango Hughes: In honor of Mother’s Day, a much delayed FB repost on Mango, our most recently rescued mother.

Posted on Facebook December 6, 2018: Many of you have followed the saga of Mango so it gives us great pleasure to tell you that she has chosen a family to love - and we're pretty sure they feel the same way about her! She has a new brother, a safe yard to explore, a window in which to sit and bark at passersby, a mom and dad who love her quirky self, and best of all... do the math here... two dogs and TWO LAPS!!! No waiting! By any definition Mango had a traumatic year and we very nearly lost her, but she is in high cotton these days and we couldn't be happier for her! We are just over-the-moon excited for her--and her new family, as well.

Posted on BRSM SS page on May 12, 2019.

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Mango Hughes
Huckleberry Hughes (now Ovi)
Quince Hughes (now Charlie)
Kiwi Hughes (now Flash)
Plum Hughes (now Maggie)

Holden Hughes: For those of you who don’t visit FB, here is an update on Holden Hughes:
We'd like everyone to see the journey from sickly, shelter dog to beloved pet. Holden arrived in early August. Within a week, things looked bad for him. He was in pain, had problems peeing and stopped eating. We found out he had huge kidney stones that had to be removed quickly. Between your generous support and a $1000 grant from Petfinder Foundation, we were able to get his surgery. He is expected to live a healthy, happy life.

Things got even better around New Years'. Holden landed in a wonderful forever home. Not only that, a few days after arriving, his new family took him to meet Smidge, another BRSM foster beagle, who became his beagle sister. There's a picture of them in the car together, starting their new life. After a week, their family (Ken and Karen R.) sent a picture saying, "The little beagle bears are settled in for a long winter nap." They are living the dream.

Posted on FB on January 14, and here on the BRSM Success Stories page on May 10, 2019.

More on Holden and Smidge can be found by following the links below, including a fine solo by Holden, expressing his happiness with his forever home.
Holden Hughes
Smidge Hughes

Snoop Dog Charles (now Snoopy): Part 2 or 2:
Kaido (left in Christmas card picture) and Snoopy no longer spend so much time attached at the hip. Of course I don't mean they've completely split up, but they do spend more time apart, and I think it's a sign they feel safe and comfortable, both inside and out. Kaido wants to run ahead with Tika (or Terry when we were on the Eastern Shore) while Snoopy likes to take his time and do his own thing, fully investigating every scent he comes across.

I want everyone to truly know and believe that the boys are doing well and are so very happy. They even managed to squeeze themselves in with (or on top of) us this past week while we were in a double bed! That was crazy! (Scott's 6'2", I'm not particularly small, and we have a king bed at home.) Snoopy did usually leave halfway through the night in favor of the crate or open dog beds, but Kaido stayed and stays no matter what.

Anyhow, thank you for everything you've done to help us and to help all of these wonderful pups find homes.

Kat L. – sent December 2018, posted May 5, 2019

Snoop Dog Charles (now Snoopy)

FidoPup Charles (now Kaido): Part 1 of 2 for this bonded pair:
Speaking of the holidays, we took the pups (Snoopy, Kaido, and Tika) with us to Scott's folks' place on the Eastern Shore. They have 40 acres, about an acre yard enclosed by fencing, surrounded by "neighbors" with even larger properties. (A lot of the area land is leased to farmers and is preserved for agricultural use.) His parents also have a Golden Retriever, Terry, with whom our furkids loved love to play. While in the yard they all four get to run off-leash. We also took them for walk (runs when we were up to it!) around the fields and woods. On those excursions Terry and Tika are trusted to be off-leash, but of course the beagle boys stayed on leashes at all times.

They had an absolute blast, to say the least. Their singing carried for miles, and the echoes came howling back to us. The animals that roam (or den up) out in that area include deer, badgers, foxes, coyotes, rabbits, skunks (fun!) and innumerable others. I've never seen such happy dogs.

To be continued...

Kat L. – sent December 2018, posted May 1, 2019

FidoPup Charles (now Kaido)

Black-Eyed Sue: Sue is doing great!
We have lots of fun together. We all slept well last night and had a lovely long walk together on the trails next to our house.
We feel like she has been here forever already. What a lovely sweet girl.

Lauren, Eddie, Maggie & Bulleit - posted April 22, 2019

For more on this beautiful girl, follow the link below.
Black-Eyed Sue

Addison Martin: Addy has settled in nicely. Her parents alternate working at home so she that she is home alone only 2 days a week (aka, sleeping days).
Addy has tons of energy and loves to go on long walks (going in the backyard is okay for a short time, but just doesn't cut it). The up side of this is that her humans are getting pretty fit!
When she's not walking, Addy is a total cuddle bug. She particular likes when we watch movies so she can stretch out and snooze on us for a good couple of hours. Our teenage daughter has really bonded with her, which is great to see.
Thank you BRSM (and Sarah and Justin) for bringing Addy into our lives.

Beth, Robert, and Simone. – posted April 15, 2019

From Addy’s foster mom – Sarah

Addy's parents sent us the attached pictures recently. She looks so comfortable! I love that she still falls asleep across stairs and gets to gaze outside. They adore her and it warms my heart to see that it is the perfect fit for Addy. We miss her and still love her madly.

Read more about Addy by clicking on the link below.
Addison Martin

Jack Hughes: Jack has become a snuggly, loving little boy. He is comfortable here as you can see in the picture.
He is very playful and silly but still a little shy.
He is just so cute. He loves my other dogs and follows them everywhere.

Barbara B. - posted April 5, 2019

Check out Jack's pre-adoption pictures by clicking the link below.
Jack Hughes

Winnie Southampton: Hello BRSM!
Thank you all for your patience with my finalizing Winnie's adoption! I am proud to say I am officially a home owner and as of last night moved in to my new town home! I officially have a new dog, too!

Winnie has captured so much of my heart, and she and my dog Kima are so so sweet together (Kima's actually sweeter to Winnie than Winnie is to Kima, haha). Winnie's not the biggest fan of my cat, but we're working on it. :-) Winnie did have a bad respiratory infection this month (we're not sure why), but she saw my vet and is well on the mend. We'll all just be adjusting to our new home which is about 3 times the size of my little apartment! They seem to really like it.

Thank you, again, for allowing this wonderful girl to come into our lives.

Much love,
Caitlin S. - posted April 1, 2019

Click on the link below to see additional Winnie pictures!
Winnie Southampton

Myrtle K. George: We recently adopted this wonderful little old girl named Myrtle from Beagle Rescue, after having to put down our older dog, Rose, on Christmas Eve. We had always tried to adopt the older dogs, but more recently have had a few younger ones because, well, they were special cases in need also.

After Rose let us know it was her time to go, we thought we should get a younger dog for our little Sari bug to play with. Well, it turns out she didn’t need a younger dog, and it was Myrtle that she needed all along. Sari and Myrtle became friends right away.

Sari showed Myrtle the ropes, and especially all the good sniffing places out in the yard. Myrtle loves being outside and the girls are like two little peas in a pod, two little sisters connected at the hip. Since Sari had been our newest dog at one time, now she gets to show Myrtle everything she knows about life here. And Myrtle has given Sari the little boost of confidence that she has needed.

Sari likes to run around the yard and play, and although Myrtle doesn’t run along with her, she seems to cheer her on from the sidelines and Myrtle lets us know that even an old girl has a little bit of puppy left in her sometimes. The two have bonded so quickly that it’s like Myrtle has lived here for years. The two have become so close in such a short period of time.

Myrtle is this sweet little old girl who obviously had known lots of love from being in her foster home. It took her no time at all to settle in here. She is adorable and has the sweetest little way of tilting her head in curiosity. And whenever we are in the kitchen, she loves to be with us there. After all, you never know when a big old hunk of meat could just drop on the floor right in front of her.

Myrtle has turned out to be such a blessing. Myrtle is exactly what our little Sari needed, and she’s just what we needed too! Such a blessing this little old girl has turned out to be. We are so thankful to Myrtle’s foster family and to Beagle Rescue.

Barbara and Brian C. – posted March 28, 2019

Click on the link below to see the beginning of Myrtle’s journey to her forever home.
Myrtle K. George

Blanche Hughes (now Cricket): Greetings All, Here’s a long overdue update on Cricket. We’ve all survived the holidays and first month of tax season.

I’m very happy to say that Cricket’s insecurity issues seem to be almost gone. She has relaxed and does not have to be on us or underfoot all the time. In the mornings she will actually go back to bed after breakfast and no longer stands outside the shower waiting for me.

Unbelievably, she actually sits and waits in the living room while Benny finishes eating and leaves his bowl do she can make sure he didn’t miss any morsels.

They each sit on the bed and play with toys. She no longer growls or guards us or any other resources. While I’m sure this may reappear at different times, we are thrilled with her progress.

We love her so much.
Here’s a few recent pics...
Thanks again,
Kay W. – Posted March 14, 2019

Blanche (now Cricket) was one the Golden Girls who were surrendered to the shelter together. Rose was pulled by another rescue group, but the other three found their forever homes through BRSM, including Dorothy (Dee), adopted by Valerie, your current Success Stories hostess.

Blanche Hughes (now Cricket)
Dorothy (Dee) Hughes
Blanche Hughes

Bayla Davies (now Lulu): Lulu's mother, Malyn M. sent in this photo and said the following "We thought you would enjoy our first dog shame photo. Lulu was quite proud of herself."

If Lulu could talk, she might tell you that getting her chops on a whole tune steak was quite the success story.

For more on Lulu, click on the link below.

Bayla Davies (now Lulu)

Posted February 23, 2019

Charlie Baldwin: Charlie and friends in February, 2018.

February 14, 2019 - A year later, this video update was submitted by Charlie “Awesome” Williams.

Charlie has quickly become a contributing member of the pack. He is the first to start the howling when Daddy comes home from work and is also the first to offer many wet smoochies. He has also taken on the role of guardian of the back yard. He loves to stand on the deck and look out over the fence into the woods and scare away any wildlife that might be lurking - squirrels, birds, you know!

It didn’t take Charlie long to learn that we keep fresh baked puppy cookies in the fridge - he heads straight to the kitchen when he comes in from outside. He waits very patiently for his treats and is very appreciative of the goodies that he receives.

Charlie is doing well learning to walk with his new pack. We’ve paired him with Cooper who is a little older, so we can keep his pace down due to his heart murmur. He loves his walks and really enjoys car rides. As the weather continues to improve, we will increase the number of outings so he can socialize more.

He is a wonderful addition to our pack, and we love him so much. Yes, it was a foster fail, but in such a good way. We think Charlie knows that he landed on the Gravy Train in the First Class Car. He brings us laughter and lots of kisses! He is so handsome!

Originally posted February 28, 2018

Hatch Pepper: Hatch Pepper, or as he’s known #HatchTheWonderDog, has been a wonderful addition to our family! We brought Hatch to his furever home on February 8th, 2017 and he quickly became king of the castle.

Every morning he enjoys his walk, where he meets up with his German Shepherd girlfriend, to run and play! He absolutely loves everyone and lives to give his kisses out for free! He’s a fierce protector of his yard against the villainous squirrels and any bug that he finds wondering around.

Hatch has such a big personality and loves to “talk back” as only a hound can do! He was our pick of the litter and brings joy to our family every day. We live to spoil him and he lives to let us! We can’t thank BRSM enough for our wonderful boy!!

Catherine B. – posted January 30, 2019

Hatch was one of eight puppies born to Pepper Northhampton in November 2016. For more on Hatch and his siblings, click on a link below.

Hatch Pepper
Thai Pepper
Ancho Pepper (now Oliver)
Poblano Pepper (now Simon)
Pimento Pepper (now Dexter)
Bell Pepper
Cayenne Pepper
Serrano Pepper (now Luna)

Callie Washington (now Tally): Tally is doing great here. She loves taking long walks in the woods, and also loves snuggling up with her people. She wants