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Dara Southampton (now Harper): Harper (aka Dara) came to us as a VIP - BRSM flew her up from southern Virginia in a private plane! Poor dear lost a paw in an animal trap before she came to us, so we had her fitted with a little peg leg - and with a few hops head start, she is off and running with the rest of the pack.

She is 100% beagle, with her nose to the ground on the scent of fox in the mornings, excitedly whining and howling. She curls up in the tiniest of places and has recently made herself at home in our bedroom bureau drawer.

All in all, thank you BRSM for the wonderful addition to our family!

Rachael - submitted August 9, posted August 20, 2019

For more on this special girl, follow the link below.

Nell Hughes: July 7: Nell is doing really well. Still really timid, but she is coming out of her shell more and more every day! Tail is at full mast, wagging, on walks. She loves the walks! Yesterday we heard her bugle for the first time - it was so cute!
She now greets us at the door, on hind legs, tail wagging when we come home. She and Happy play and cuddle. They are a lethal force in the begging department- too much cuteness to resist! It took us a few days, but we finally figured out that she’ll eat off of a plate (no bowls, please; except for water; she will drink out of the bowl.) She’s looooves her dad!
Must run - off on a field trip to Mt. Olympus farm for a walk with the beagles.

Best to all of you.
Kathy, Mark, Happy, & Nell

August 6: Scrolling through my pictures I realize that they are all inside! Why, I wondered! Then realized, yes, it’s a challenge to manage two busy beagles and their noses, leads, poop bags and a camera :-) Thank you again for all that you do. And for Nell. We love her so much!

[Editor – I can relate! I have to have a diet coke in hand for the first walk of the day. Priorities, you know!]

Center: Nell’s first time meeting Gramama
Clockwise from upper left:
1 - Loaf (mom) and Oafs
2 - I love my brudda, Happy
3 - Yin and Yang in cat bed
4 - Happy and Nell

Posted August 12, 2019

Follow the link below to learn about Nell's beginnings.
Nell Hughes

Jersey Franklin (now Jordy): Hey, folks! It's been a minute, so I thought it was high time to do some updating.

First of all, after a lot of careful thought, I've decided to change his name to "Jordy." "Jersey" lends itself to too many bad puns. I think "Jordy" suits him better. And he immediately started responding to it, which is good. He is also now an official (dog-)licensed resident of Prince George's County.

He is coming along well. He's still skittish about loud or even just unexpected noises, but he's becoming more sure of himself. Also, he lets me know when he wants to go out. So, yay!!

I have to admit, I was kind of wondering if this was really a beagle or possibly just a surgically modified poodle, since he seemed to be extremely not food-motivated. Couldn't really be bothered figuring out how to get food out of a Kong Toy. However, now he goes for the Kong Toy with gusto, and has also figured out that, when he pushes the Kong Toy off the towel it's on (to protect the carpet), he needs to pick it up and put it back on the towel. I don't know how he learned this except by watching me move the Kong Toy back onto the towel when he pushed it off and perhaps noticing that Sesam