Beagle Rescue of Southern Maryland, also known as Beagle MarylandTM, is an all-volunteer Non-Profit Organization --- we are supported entirely by volunteers and donations. If you are interested in assisting us, please email us volunteer@beaglemaryland.org to see how you can help (the types of assistance we most need can vary from month to month!). Even the smallest effort on your part can make a big difference, especially for the beagles.

Positions Currently Available

Foster Homes: This (along with donations) is consistently our biggest and steadiest need! There are far more beagles on borrowed time in rural shelters than BRSM (and all the other regional rescues) can save; loving foster homes are absolutely crucial to the rescue process. If you're interested in fostering a beagle, please see our Fostering webpage.

Volunteer & Homecheck Coordinator: Keeps a comprehensive list of people who are willing to do home checks, people willing to volunteer (and what they are volunteering to do)!

Home Checkers: We need qualified volunteers to perform home checks. Please consider helping us verify potential adopters for our current beagles! These volunteers check to make sure all is well and safe at a potential adopter's home before the adopter is allowed to take a beagle home. We especially need people to do home checks in the Baltimore/Washington metropolitan area, and throughout MD, VA, WV, PA, DE, NJ, and NY. Previous adopters --- here's how you can help BRSM, and help get other beagles to their forever homes! 

Grant and Assistance Fellow: Writes and submits grants and proposals to organizations that might give us financial assistance. Requires someone who can evaluate the donor organization and determine the best method in which BRSM can apply for funds.

Transporters: Transporters move dogs from one place to another for various reasons. At Adoption Events, they pick up dogs from their foster home and transport them to the PetSmart, PETCO, or other event, and then return them to the foster home when the event is over. A reliable vehicle is all that is needed; the foster furnishes the halters, leads, and crates. Other transports include picking up a dog at an agreed-upon location and transporting it to a foster or designated vet.

Handlers: At Adoption Events, our transporters pick up more dogs from the fosters than they can show by themselves. These transporters are met at the PETCO, PetSmart, or other Adoption Event site by handlers, who then take a dog for the day, giving it individual attention and answering questions from visitors and potential adopters. After the adoption event, the transporter returns the dog to the foster.