Note To Parents


Before you start dreaming of that "perfect dog" to complete to your family --- consider some hard realities:

* First and foremost, there is no such thing as a "perfect dog." This is especially true of rescued dogs, who've often been neglected, abandoned, or worse; they need kindness and consistent care, and it may take some time for them to relax, trust, and truly "blossom."

* As a human parent, you will most likely become, and remain, the primary caretaker of the family dog. (Plan ahead for when the kids grow up and leave home --- chances are, the dog will be staying home with you!)

* Dogs are not toys. There's no remote, and you can't put them away on a shelf when you're done with them!

* Puppies are especially high-maintenance! They need constant supervision, they tire quickly, and they require a lot of sleep. Please don't allow your children to handle them roughly, or wake them up to play!

That said, if you have previous dog experience, or if you've done your homework and truly feel you're up to bringing a dog into your family, then opening your heart and home to a rescued dog can set a wonderful example for your children! Many of our volunteers have kids who, with supervision, help out in all the routine aspects of care and support for our rescued beagles. And this is where the next generation of dog rescue volunteers is coming from!

If you have any questions about what goes into the care of a typical beagle --- or what our "special needs" beagles require above the norm --- please don't hesitate to ask!