The Morgan Fund


In Memory of Morgan Lindsay Edinger



From time to time, BRSM takes in dogs who have little hope of making it out of the shelter. They are older dogs, younger dogs, middle-aged dogs --- discarded by their loved ones, injured and in need of surgery, burdened with congenital conditions that require medication. We here at BRSM do not automatically turn away dogs in need of medical care. If their condition is treatable and there's a good chance that they can be helped back to a high quality of life, we're up to the challenge!

The Morgan Fund was established in the name of Morgan Lindsay Edinger, a miniature schnauzer who was a proud member of one family since she was a little eight-week-old pup. So many animals are abandoned when their families move, or because of health conditions --- not so with Morgan! Through several moves with her military family, bladder stone surgery, a serious heart murmur and just general old age, her family stood by her until the end. All dogs should enjoy such dedication from their families!

The Morgan Fund needs your help to function. The care of these dogs can be quite costly, and some will never be adopted out to forever homes because of those costs; they will remain in the BRSM foster system for life. You can help us care for Morgan Fund dogs and provide them the vetting they need to sustain a good quality of life and live out their days in comfort and love.

Every little bit helps! You can donate via PayPal --- just click on any of the "Make a Donation" buttons on our website (be sure to write "Morgan Fund" on the memo line). A $50 donation will get your name on our website as that dog's special sponsor, along with a color photograph and a certificate of sponsorship.

As always, thank you for your support!


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