Our Lost and Found Policy

If you've lost your beagle, contact all the County Animal Control facilities and Humane Societies within a 75 mile radius. We will post a photo of your dog and the date the dog was lost. However, you need to visit shelters weekly to see if your dog has been found. Your beautiful little three-year-old female may appear to be older, bigger, etc. to  the shelter worker/volunteer who checks the lost dog list. We do not take in stray dogs unless they are posted at the local shelters. If you want us to post your dog's picture, please send a photo (digital photos or hardcopies are welcome).  Beagles can be found after several months, so do not give up! Post notices everywhere. Keep looking. No one else may be looking for your dog, so you have to keep the faith.

If you've found a beagle, it is very important to notify the local County Animal Control facilities, Animal Shelters and Human Societies.   You may continue to look after the dog, but please provide information that will permit an owner to reclaim their dog. If you're thinking "This dog is in terrible shape I don't want him to go back to the owner . . ." --- remember that this dog could have been stolen and then dumped by the thief. Sometimes people are not very nice, and the dog suffers for it. Please give owners a chance to reclaim their lost dogs. Even a well-cared-for dog can look very scruffy after a month or two in the woods. Many dogs have microchip implants that allow them to be returned to their owners. You can take a "found" dog to your vet or a shelter to have him scanned.

If a "found" dog is not reclaimed by an owner, we may be able to help find the dog a home. If there is a vacancy, we will take the dog. However, we are often full to capacity from rescuing dogs from shelters. Would you be willing to provide a foster home for the dog? If so, please email us at profile@beaglemaryland.org. We provide the vetting and you provide the nurture.