In Loving Memory

~ Donations Made to BRSM in Honor of Loved Ones ~

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 Sweet Ollie loved his new life with his family.  They miss him terribly, after having him for only 3 years. 
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We are very grateful to Barb and Greg Pelle for their very generous donation in memory of David Easterly, brother of BRSM board member Judy Easterly.

BRSM gratefully acknowledges the generous donation of Amanda Pence

In Loving Memory of her beloved beagle

Clancy Jalapeno Pence


We are saddened by the loss of on of our alumni, Lilly, but are grateful for the donation to BRSM by her family.

Lilly (formerly Laura Belle)

BRSM gratefully acknowledges the Omberg Family for their donation in memory of their beautiful beagle girl, Molly.

In Memory of Mollly Omberg


 LuAnn, Randy, Matt Marzicola, and Heather Lindhorst have made a donation to BRSM
in memory of their beloved beagle companion, Snoopy. Thank you all sincerely!


Snoopy, May 2, 2001 - December 6, 2010

"He was so affectionate and always gave unconditional love . . . it is our wish that our donation
will be able to help some other beagles. We love beagles, they are truly a special breed."

BRSM gratefully acknowledges the generous donation of Rose Marie Drury in memory of her beloved
"granddog" Digger. She said, "Having him in our lives made us better humans.  He will be deeply missed."



Bethany Chung has made a donation in honor of "our little Annie."  Thank you, Bethany!


We are very grateful to acknowledge the kind donation of Dorothy Reed, in memory of Al Pence
who passed in June of 2010. BRSM alumni Buck (now Tallac) was his "granddog."


BRSM is grateful to acknowledge a donation by Nancy Winchester
in memory of Columbo, the beloved beagle of her friend Adele Cerrelli.


BRSM gratefully acknowledges a generous donation from
Mark Warren in honor of Beaglie Mossa

Thank you!


BRSM gratefully acknowledges the generous donations of the friends and family of
Carolyn Piccotti

Thank you to:

Jackie Gilberg Nancy & Mike Benz
Jennifer Barnes Ajeet Vinayak
Cindi Jansohn Jeffrey Bolognese
Virginia Greene Wei-ming Fan
Susan Schulman Cathy Gormley
Melissa Gotthardt Joan Montanari
Anne Marie Bradford Linda Picotti
Maureen & Joseph Surridge April Reuther
Michael & Catherine Crossin Anne Greer
Leslie Hatch Edwin A. Abrahamsen
Carol B. Sadoff Anthony Mark Andreoni
Emily Anne Radford Joseph Cimini
Joanna Butler Margaret W. Rowry
Shelly Wygant Bruce Waxman
John Feagan Lois Agronick
Charles Adkins-Blanch Ruth Simmons
The Colletti & Stefanko Families
The Family of Carolyn Picotti, Marion & Linda Piccotti
Dorrell, Sue, Kristen & Andrew Priest
Elizabeth Matson


BRSM is grateful to acknowledge a donation by Christopher Moeller, and Karen & Kevin Bradley

In Loving Memory of
Theresa Pfeifer


A donation was received in memory of Noel St. Mary, along with the following message:

       Dear Noel, my little Nola Lola, you are so very special, words will never describe. I hope you had the time of your life. I know you now have had the chance to meet Gracie. I hope you are running around up the at the Rainbow Bridge and I will see you both again! I love you and miss you. Our memories are many, rides, pop pop's yard, snoozes on the couch, and it only took a year to teach you to "sit." I would look at you and see the puppy that everyone googled over, my only wish was to have gotten you then and spared your hardships in life. Please forgive me for such an all too short friendship. I know we made up for many years lost and cherish all the moments we had! Thank you BRSM for rescuing this beautiful light!!!!

My love always and forever. You're in the arms of the angel,

Noel St. Mary


BRSM is grateful to acknowledge a donation by

Doug & Cindi Labantin memory of Taylor.


BRSM is grateful to acknowledge a donation by Isabelle Dallaire and Manuela Boehm

In Loving Memory of Betty Petr

Loving mother to Lisa Griffin and Nancy Rohe


On February 11, 2009 a donation was made to BRSM in honor and memory of Ida Oler by her granddaughter Felicia.
She writes, "My grandmother was an animal lover and over the years took care of many, many animals." The pet
closest to her heart, however, was a Beagle she named Pebbles. Pebbles died a few years ago at the age of 16.


A donation was made in memory of Claude Monet by his "mom," Megan Wheeler. She writes:

For Claude- my sweet pie,
The very first time I saw you on the BRSM website,
I knew that you were the one for me.
And since I met you on Christmas night 2005,
you were my constant companion and my best friend.
I miss you so much but am thankful for every day that we spent together.
You were loved more than words can say.


A donation was made in memory of Claude Monet by Chris and Mandy Haggerson
on behalf of Posie, another BRSM alumni. This is what "she" wrote:


I am so glad I got to meet you and hang out with you before you went to stay with Jean Marie, my sister in Heaven. You always wanted to be near me and you made me feel like I was the prettiest beagle around.  I will miss you so much, and I will never forget you.

Lots of Love,



A donation was made in memory of Jean Marie by Megan Wheeler
on behalf of Claude Monet, another BRSM alumni. This is what "he" wrote:

Jeannie, I miss you dearly and I will never forget you or our famous "beagle ball."

Love Always,
Claude Monet



BRSM would like to acknowledge receipt of a donation In Loving Memory of

Gracie Rausch

The Best Little Girl in Our World.
See You At The Rainbow Bridge.
Love, Mommy

March 8, 2008