In Memory of Winston

Everyone comes to BRSM to adopt their ideal beagle --- young, active, occasionally a couch potato --- but those dogs are rare compared to those who have been left behind, the ones who were discarded in favor of obtaining a newer, younger dog.  

What is the story behind the older dogs in shelters?

Sometimes these dogs had spent their lives loving a family, only to be abandoned when their age meant they were more couch potato than playmate, and the costs of veterinary care rose. Sometimes they were used as hunters --- penned out in the back of someone's yard --- never knowing a warm bed in winter or the love a house pet takes for granted. And because they are older dogs, it doesn't matter that they are friendly, loving, outgoing, and make wonderful house pets. Because of their age, they are either dumped in shelters or put out of a car and left to fend for themselves. Their last memory is often an emotionally exhausted shelter volunteer closing their eyes forever, or of finally starving to death outside in winter . . .

They deserve better than that!

What is a "Friend of Winston?"

Winston was the founding dog of BRSM, an older gentleman who never made it out of foster care, but found himself loved nonetheless. BRSM took care of his health concerns and allowed him to die peacefully at his own time, not earlier because of someone else's neglect or indifference. Most of Winston's friends are in the same situation, and will never be adopted --- but we rescue them from the shelters anyway. BRSM provides them with veterinary care and finds a permanent foster home to love them. The permanent foster takes care of the dog's routine vetting, but BRSM provides support for any extraordinary vetting that is required.

In Winston's memory, BRSM provides that vetting support through the Friends of Winston senior dog fostering program. Friends of Winston participants include a network of families willing to bring older dogs into their homes and provide them with love until they pass over the Rainbow Bridge in their own time. We support each other and the dogs, and form a unique sort of family.

Please Be Aware: If you become a Friend of Winston foster, it is unlikely your foster dog will ever be adopted --- he's probably with you for life! If you cannot help with the vetting costs (for basic care), BRSM will assist with this, but you must use a BRSM-approved vet who is willing to discount to rescue organizations! We realize it's not convenient when your own vet is just across the street. But we do our best to help as many dogs as possible, and rescue-discount vets are an integral part of that process. (And we've done a fair job --- big pat on the back to the Friends of Winston foster homes!)

Please consider opening your heart and home to one of Winston's friends. They don't require the non-stop attention of one of our younger dogs --- they just want to cuddle with you when movie time rolls around. And they are fine spending their day home alone; that means they can sleep undisturbed! It may be difficult to think that they will be gone sooner than a younger dog, but the rewards are ample compared to the challenges. Each of these dogs has a story of abandonment --- can you help us make sure the remainder of their lives are happier?

If you can foster a Friend of Winston, please contact us at It's a small way to make a huge difference, and you can make a difference!

Please Note: Friends of Winston are always available for regular adoption, but in the event that they do not find their forever home, we want them to live out their lives with a loving foster family.


All of the BRSM programs, including Friends of Winston, are supported through donations and fundraisers run and supported by our volunteers.  BRSM does not receive any local, state, or federal funding that supports the rescue. Our volunteers work very hard to make a program such as Friends of Winston possible, and we very much appreciate the efforts and support of the Friends of Winston fosters.