Before and After

Not all of our beagles come into BRSM in "pristine condition." Most of them need basic vetting and nutritional support, many need surgery to repair hernias from overbreeding, bone fractures, or dental issues (caused by nutritional deficiency or "pen mouth"), and some come to us in desperate condition, needing all the help they can get.

It is a credit to the patience and perseverance of the fosters and volunteers, the skill and generosity of the vets and vet techs, and the spirit and will-to-live of these beagles that they pull through, regain their health and their trust in people, and go on to become beloved companions in their forever homes. Here are some of the stories of these courageous hounds as well as "before" and "after" pictures documenting their progress.


Little Nell (now Daisy)


Little Nell After Emergency Vetting

Little Nell was brought into BRSM in March 2007; a volunteer happened to be on the scene in Baltimore when Nell was hit by a car. Within three hours, she was safely extracted from her hiding place under another car and in the care of an emergency vet. She was seriously injured, with her right front leg degloved (skin and pelt separated from the leg) and a spinal fracture.


Little Nell in Rescue (right), Playing with Houston

The vet was able to surgically repair Little Nell's leg, and she was in a back brace until June 2007 to allow her spine to heal. Her foster also helped her with vet-prescribed physical therapy to improve her flexibility and range-of-motion.


Little Nell (left) and Dexter, In Her Forever Home

By July 2007, Little Nell's injuries were completely healed, and she was ready to be offered for adoption. She was adopted into a loving forever home, where she now has a beagle companion named Dexter, in November 2007. Her beagle name is now Daisy. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~



Pippy Before Rescue

Pippy was just a little beagle girl, between one and two years old, when she came into BRSM from a shelter in Halifax Country, Virginia, in July 2007. She was barely recognizable as a beagle, suffering from a serious case of demodectic mange and severe malnutrition; she was practically skin and bones. She was also heartworm-positive.


Pippy in Rescue

With good vetting, patience, and plenty of TLC, little Pippy recovered from her dire condition. She was treated for heartworm, her coat grew back in, and she gradually regained her body weight and her trust in people.


Pippy in her Forever Home

Just one year after she came into BRSM, Pippy was adopted. Her forever family, which includes a yellow lab and another BRSM beagle, says that she was shy at first, but has become a very affectionate and loving member of the family.


Clark Kent



     Clark Kent, New to Rescue


Clark came into rescue in 2009. He was so infested with ticks that he needed to have large areas of his coat shaved to remove them all. He was also markedly underweight and malnourished, as you can see in his "before" photo, which was taken when he was new to BRSM.


Clark Kent at an Adoption Event

It's easy to see the results of good nutrition, good vetting and TLC in Clark's "after" photo --- his coat grew back in and became nice and glossy, and he regained some healthy padding over his hindquarters and ribs. His fosters say that even after his ordeal, he was not fearful, and adored being held and lovingly fussed over; in his foster home, he was energetic, playful, and enjoyed the company of other dogs and people.

Clark was adopted by his forever family in 2010.




Mosby in the Shelter

Mosby came into BRSM severely malnourished and obviously abused; he was emaciated and suffered from dermatitis and fur loss due to malnutrition and sarcoptic mange. Above is an initial photo from the shelter where he landed.


Mosby in Rescue

Through TLC, patience, and good vetting, Mosby regained a healthy body weight and regrew his lost fur. He was still a little shy, especially in public, but gentle and friendly, and steadily warmed up to the concept of being a full-time house-hound and companion dog.


Mosby Visiting at an Adoption Event

Mosby was adopted in 2010 by a loving and committed forever family who wanted to continue to work with his shyness issues --- and clearly he's continuing to blossom!


Abigail King William


Abigail Before Rescue

Abigail King William turned up pregnant in a shelter in King William County, Virginia, where she gave birth to litter of pups. All of her pups were adopted, but Abby was heartworm- and Lyme-positive, and was passed over for adoption; she was also very shy. BRSM brought her into rescue early in 2009.


Abigail In Rescue 

Abigail was successfully treated for Lyme Disease, and underwent an initial round of heartworm treatment in April 2009. She still tested mildly positive for heartworm six months later, so she underwent a second round of treatment in October 2010. She officially tested heartworm-negative in the Spring of 2010, with her heart and lung function sounding good (she's a very lucky girl!). All the while, her fosters worked with her to build up her confidence. Abby was adopted into a loving forever family in August 2010.