2022 BRSM Calendar Contest

Voting Update - as of 10:30 pm on Tuesday, 10/19/21

Many thanks for all the votes so far; proceeds directly help our beagles. As of Monday night, October 11th, the most popular pictures are posted below in random order.     
Cast votes for your favorite 2022 BRSM Calendar beagle(s) before the voting deadline at midnight on Tuesday, November 9th.
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The current most popular pictures in random order are:


Gwen (Gwen Smith) 1

Duke (Duke of Charles) & Duchess (Duchess of Charles) 2


Eli (Eli Beaufort) ad Darla (Darla Park) 1
Franklin (Prize Henderson) 1




Ellie (Sparkle Garrett) 1

Roscoe (Dexter Chesapeake), Lenny (Loke Hughes) and Braddock (Braddock Hughes) 1

Rudy (Rudolph) 1
Dusty (Dusty Charles) 2

 Sammy (Gilroy), Jayda (Hughes), Kado (Springfield) & Amelia (Howard) 1
Beasley (Greta Halifax) 1

 Duke (Duke of Charles, Duchess (Duchess of Charles) & Dusty (Dusty Charles) 1

Peasley (Lavender Gastonia) 2