2019 BRSM Calendar Contest

Voting Update - as of midnight on Monday, 10/15/18

Many thanks for all the votes so far; proceeds directly help our beagles. As of Monday evening, Oct 15th, the current 13 most popular pictures are posted below in random order.  There is a 2 way tie for the 12th spot.   Keep those votes coming!
Cast votes for your favorite 2019 BRSM Calendar beagle(s) before the voting deadline at midnight on Wednesday, November 7th .
Voting tips:

The current most popular pictures in random order are:


Gwen (Gwen Smith) 1 


Fergie (Fergie) 1
Kado, Tia, Jayda and Amelia 1
Charlie (Charlie Tuna) 1

Fergie (Fergie) 2



  EmmyLou (Emmy Lou) 1

Ethel Daviess (Ethel Daviess) 1

Octavia (Octavia Hughes) 1

 Rocky Hughes (Rocky Hughes) 1

Kado, Tia, Jayda and Amelia 2


Alli (Sally Raven) 1

Bud Bailey (Bud Bailey) 1
Paco, Caleb & Jasper 1