2017 BRSM Calendar Contest

Voting Update - on the afternoon of 11/7/16

Many thanks for all the votes so far; proceeds directly help our beagles. As of Monday afternoon, Nov 7th, the current 12 most popular pictures are posted below in random order.  A couple of entries that have enjoyed leaderboard positions up until now have been replaced with new leaders, so keep those votes coming! Remember, anything can happen at the last moment!
Cast votes for your favorite 2017 BRSM Calendar beagle(s) before the voting deadline at midnight on Monday, November 7th .
Voting tips:

The current most popular pictures in random order are:


Sam, Max, Buddy & Rocky 1



  Casey, Maggie Mae, Delilah Rose and Sam 1
Odie (Odie Floyd) 1

Walter C Bank (Winston Laurens) and Louie Bluie (David Ridgely) 1 
 Mattie (Lady J) 1


Barnie (Parker Posey) 1

 Weaver (Dream Weaver) and Peanut (Amos Garrett) 1


Lucy (Louisa) 1


Paco and Caleb 1
Bailey Ruth (Bailey Ruth), Louie Bluie (David Ridgely) and Walter C Bank (Winston Laurens) 1 


George (Georgio Armani) 2

Cornbread (Cornbread) 1