Name:   Brandy George  

Description:   ~ 3 - 4 yrs ~ 14 lb ~ Fostered in Towson, MD ~

Are you an early riser? Then Brandy is the dog for you! "Ooo-ooo! You get up early too! I thought I'd never see you again! Ooo-ooo!" Yeah, yeah, yeah. "We can have breakfast together! Let me run around your legs a few more times! I'm so excited to see you again". Yeah, yeah, yeah. Okay, settle down.

Brandy was found on a rainy day, huddling between a propane tank and the side of a house, trying to keep dry. The homeowner notified Animal Control, but no one ever called the shelter to claim her. She is a smaller-than-average beagle, but has enough energy for two. She may have been a hunting dog, as she does not appear to be accustomed to living in a house. At first in the foster home she refused to leave the house to go in the backyard, apparently because she was afraid she wouldn't get inside again, but she now readily goes in and out. She is crate-trained. One of Brandy's strong points is that, contrary to many beagles, she does NOT empty the kitchen trash can and spread the contents all over the floor. She is thrilled with any attention she gets and very much wants to attach herself to somebody. Brandy is a sweet little girl whose goal in life is to be a lapdog.

Brandy has a temporary foster home until Dec 12th. She needs somewhere to go after that.

Here's a link to a video of Brandy playing with an empty water bottle. She can keep herself amused. click to see the video

posted 11/18/23 and updated 11/24/23