Name:   Mason George (now Copper)  

Description:   ~ 5 yrs old ~ 35 lb ~

Success Story:   Mason (now Copper) is happy here in his new home. We are still getting used to each other and getting into a routine after a month. We think he is primarily an English American Coon dog American English Coonhound Dog Breed Information ( He is lean and muscular. He was 33 lb. when we got him and has put on some weight here with us, still very athletic though. He loves seeing his harness come out of the closet and was familiar with wearing one. He takes us out for walks almost daily. I was so afraid I would drop the leash if he ran suddenly after a small animal, since he is bigger and stronger than our last dog. We bought a velcro attachment for our wrist and his leash, so if he goes somewhere then I'm going with him. In his yard, he feels quite successful when he has sent the backyard squirrels running up the tree and he stands at the trunk celebrating and baying to let us know. Otherwise, he is not overly vocal. His drive to chase prey is very high, so we had to reinforce our fence even more. He doesn't engage in the over the fence barking hysterics with neighbor dogs. He does seem to need monthly baths and with peanut butter on a spoon he seems to be tolerating them better. He seems to like eating his breakfast, then nap in the morning. Thankfully he had been crate trained and he loves to just go in his crate for a nap or when we leave the house. He is very gentle and sweet in the house. Gets along with almost all other dogs and plays nice. Loves his squeaky toys! He cannot be trusted around food. His food drive is so high and he is tall enough to throw his big paws on the counter. He does comply when we direct him to get down. We are working on training him to sit, stay and not climb to look out the window on the antique dresser from Grandma. He is really smart and motivated to get treats, so he learns quickly. And also thank you for making sure that your dogs get medically evaluated and treatment started if needed. We went home with antibiotics and our dog is healthy. My daughter adopted a dog elsewhere and he didn’t have proper medical care before she adopted. He has been sick since she got him. She has taken him to the vet a couple times already. Photos attached. He looks so serious, but has fun playing. We have fallen love with this guy, so glad you all helped us find him.