Name:   Buddy Suffolk  

Description:   ~ 5 yrs old ~ 37 lb ~ Fostered in University Park, MD ~

Buddy is a very sweet friendly boy who is trying to settle into this whole new "family style" living situation. He's a tail wagger and is friendly toward the family cat - for which the cat is greatly appreciative. Buddy has been treated for heartworm and is past the lock-down period. He can frolic in the yard all he wants now. He's not a wild child by any means, but he would love to have a fence yard to keep him safe as he putters in the yard.

Buddy is crate trained and not particularly barky.

And some new info from his foster mom: He is an active dog and likes to run in the yard. He is so repentant when corrected for mischief, but that doesn't mean he won't do it again if he can get away with it. His crate is his special place and he will voluntarily walk into it for naps. He rarely barks, once was at deer in the yard and they paid no attention to him. He rides quietly in the back seat of the car and made no complaint when a trip to Ocean City took 4 hours due to an accident on the highway. He eats normally now, which means grabbing any of the cat's leftovers. He is housebroken. He is a sweet, sweet boy!
posted 03/13/23 and updated 05/20/23