Name:   Pepperoni New Kent  

Description:   ~ 8 yrs old ~ 28 lb ~ Fostered in Timonium, MD ~

Pepperoni is a pretty calm girl who is very pleasant company. She loves being out in the yard, but particularly loves being out in the yard if her humans are out there with her. She's can keep up with her young foster brothers for short bursts and climbs the woodpile with the best of them. Mostly, she just enjoys her people and follows her foster folks all over the place. She comes when called, climbs onto your lap for some affection and then goes off for a nap on another chair. ?? We do think she'd fit in with most families and would probably be OK as an only dog. She gets a bit annoyed with the young dogs in her home when they get too rowdy, but it doesn't turn physical.

Posted 02/21/23