Name:   Pippa Milford  

Description:   ~ 4 yrs ~ 38 lbs ~ Fostered in Baltimore, MD ~

When we took Pippa outside for her photo shoot, she would go belly down on the pavement and not move. The photos aren't the best, but you can see how gorgeous our Pippa is. She did not object to being handled, petted and kissed, but she wanted no part of posing like Kate Moss. To be fair, it was also 30 degrees and Pippa likes the idea of central heat.

You can tell that she's a gentle soul who would thrive in a home with lots of affection and perhaps another friendly dog or two to show her that life has just gotten a whole lot better. She is probably OK with gentle children who have been taught boundaries in dealing with pets. Fast moving, loud kids will most likely send her under the sofa - at least in the beginning.

Posted: 1/14/23 and updated 02/18/23