Name:   Melody Onslow (now Betsy)  

Description:   ~ 7 years old ~ 30 lb ~ Fostered in Laurel, MD ~

Melody has just arrived in rescue and we're not well acquainted yet, but she seems to think this indoor living thing is just terrific. She gets on well with both people and dogs. During her photo shoot she was calm and cooperative, but anxious to get back inside. We're not sure if it was because of the cold or the traffic noise. One thing is for sure, when she looks at you with those liquid brown eyes, you will hand over to her whatever it is that she wants - your sandwich, your bank account or your spot on the sofa. We'll update when we've got a handle on her likes, dislikes, educational background, political affiliation, shopping habits, etc. Melody is a doll baby. She's going to make a terrific family member.

Posted: 1/5/2023

Success Story:   A Note from her new family:

Betsy (formerly Melody) started as our foster but easily became our forever. Her favorite things to do are sun bath, cuddle on the couch and eat. She immediately became great friends with our Carson (also a BRSM alum) and our daughter who simply adores her “baby”. This is our third adoption through BRSM and we can’t say enough amazing things about them. Thank you for saving our sweet Betsy, Carson and Jesse (RIP).