Name:   Amari Warren (now Abby Gale)  

Description:   ~ 2 yrs ~ 31 lb ~ Fostered in Gaithersburg, MD ~

Amari is a delightful puppy-like girl who arrived like the Tasmanian devil. If the senior canine residents didn’t insist upon taking naps, she would play with them 24 hours a day. Her records indicate she is 2 years old, but her energy and playfulness suggest she may be much younger, and her cute little wiggle-butt seems to propel her everywhere—she is constantly on the go!

While playing, Amari can get a bit wound up. When breaks are needed, and she’ll immediately settle down in her crate, or if gated in a room separate from the other dogs, she will entertain herself with a few toys. Because she loves toys and thinks that pretty much anything is a toy if it isn’t nailed down or kept out of reach, she needs to be supervised or contained until she grows out of this behavior—most dogs do as they mature. At night, she quietly sleeps in the crate, patiently waits to go out in the morning, and knows to do all her pottying outside!

Amari LOVES people and will give lots of kisses and affection to let them know. Attentive and alert, she figured out the doggy door three days after arriving at her foster home (much to her foster mom’s dismay). A basic training class would likely make everyone’s life a little easier with a clever dog like Amari. She’s already learned “sit” and has a good start on “down,” so her foster mom expects she will learn quickly. Agility might even interest this nimble and ready-for-action girl.

Amari’s ideal forever home would include another active, playful dog and a family tolerant of puppy behavior. She has yet to meet children (that we know of). If her prospective forever family includes kids, her foster mom thinks she’d do better with bigger children. Amari is bouncy and seems to have springs on her feet. If you’re looking for an athletic, boisterous, curious, playful, smart, and loveable little bundle, Amari is your girl!

For updates and more pictures of Amari, check out the Facebook page she shares with other BRSM foster dogs.

Posted 11/23/22