Name:   Aries Gilroy (now Penelope)  

Description:   ~ 2 yrs old ~ 20 lb ~ fostered in Silver Spring, MD ~

This little sweetie hasn't made it into her foster home yet. She is due to be spayed and her cherry-eye fixed on Nov 22nd. We will know more about her after that.

I transported her and she was very loving and somewhat timid. She has a little cowlick on the back of her head. The owner who surrendered her to us said she is good with kids, but doesn't care to be treated roughly by kids.

posted 11/13/22

Success Story:   A note from her new family:

This tiny ball of energy is now known as Penelope Middleton. She enjoys using her nose to track rabbits (in the backyard), communicating as only beagles do (aroo) with the neighborhood dogs, playing fetch, and lounging on the deck in the sunshine. She also enjoys her time at daycare playing with all her new friends (including other beagles). She has the sweetest disposition, loves cuddles, and she is doing well in her training class.