Name:   Remington Charles  

Description:   ~ 4-5 yrs old ~ 32 lbs ~ Fostered in Baltimore, MD ~

Remi is settling into his foster home and it's mostly been an easy process. He's getting comfortable with indoor living - and as the weather gets colder will probably forget all about that "tryin'-to-keep-warm" thing he's had to deal with in the past. He enjoys going on walks, but beware... when he's done, he's done, refusing to move until you pick him up and carry him. (He must be a youngest child...) He likes the dog toys and for the most part, doesn't bother other things.

Like most of our dogs, he needs to learn not to counter surf, and although enjoys the company of the other dogs in the home, he can be a bit bossy. Since Remi's arrival, he has assumed the chore of keeping the yard free of squirrels. He goes into his crate nicely and only whines for a minute. He can and will jump low fences and gates--and does so with remarkable ease. He is about 80% with housetraining (not bad for being home for less than a week!). So far, his favorite pastime is sitting on someone's lap and being told what a good boy he is. (Again, he absolutely HAS to be a youngest child.)

Posted: 11/4/22