Name:   Sadie Gilroy  

Description:   ~ 10 yrs ~ 75 lbs ~ Needs a Foster Home ~ temp fostered in Glen Burnie ~

Sweetheart who loves the new life she's been exposed to. We have a temp spot for her but they have a lot of dogs and mom has to start working on-site instead of at-home. She was a little howly at first, but now that she is used to the new smells and sights, that has pretty much stopped.

For the pic with the ketchup bottle, her foster mom state, "Sadie did a drive by to see if we would share our lunch, but we ignored her and said no gently, and she walked off." She is a little bit of a kleptomaniac. Likes to steal a piece of clothing or a shoe and sleep with it. Other than that, she has proven to be an easy foster. Please consider helping her.
posted 06/01/22 and updated 06/07/22