Name:   Toby Beaufort (now Beau)  

Description:   ~ 5 yrs old ~ 21 lb ~ Fostered in Manassas, VA ~

Toby seems to want human attention more than anything so I think he'd be okay being an only dog. He is affectionate with his foster mom, but very attached to his dad.

He has a lot of energy to burn and we think he really needs a fenced in yard with another playful dog to run with. He is currently living with a senior female beagle and wants to play and cuddle with her. But she is not feeling the love.

He's also been pretty good with the cats, when the cats have ventured to be near him. We haven't really walked him yet as we've been trying to keep him calm as he recovers, but he has been fine when on lead in the backyard. He likes to sniff a lot in true beagle form but I haven't seen him dig.

One thing is he gets very excited when it's food time. He gets jumpy and so zoned in on the food that he's run into walls and tables instead of watching where he's going. Old or young, any adopter would need to be mindful of this and continue to work on training that behavior. Maybe no small children who might might be waling around with a cooky in hand. He also likes crinkly toys, doggy daycare and walking on the leash, something he does very well.

Overall, he's cute and has a pretty good temperment. He would be best with someone who is home a lot and can keep up with his exercise needs.
posted 05/24/22 and updated 07/25/22