Name:   Ryder Onslow  

Description:   ~ 6 yrs old ~ 18 lb ~ fostered in Alexandria, VA ~

Ryder is an adorable 7 year old beagle that just finished up his heartworm treatment. He is pretty shy, but has opened up since staying at his current foster home. Sudden movements and loud noises do scare him. Like a typical beagle he loves attention and treats and is a great eater. Ryder does have "reduced muscle tone" on his hind legs that make him wobble a bit, but doesn't slow him down at all. He's able to jump up on the couch and loves to sniff and run across the yard, it's usually short lived though as Ryder loves his naps. He gets along with his foster brother, Bertie, and presumably other dogs, but doesn't mind being the only dog and the center of attention either. He's also on the smaller side, 20 lbs, which makes him the ideal lap dog. If you think Ryder is a good fit for your household, reach out!

Posted 03/15/22 and updated 06/07/22