Name:   Olive Pickens  

Description:   ~ 17 lb ~ 4 yrs old ~ NEEDS A FOSTER HOME ~

Olive (aka Ollie, aka Ollipop) is a 4-yr-old powerhouse of a snuggler in a 23lb little body. She will be your constant companion, a complete shadow, and the definition of a lapdog always by your side. Ollie would like me to tell you that she REQUIRES a family who will allow her on sofas, couches, pillows, and beds. Her favorite activities include snuggling up in bed or the sofa on you, belly rubs, zoomies in the yard, car riding, and long hikes with lots of smells. Oh and food, because well, she’s a beagle!

Because Ollie is high Velcro, doesn’t enjoy her crate, and is part mountain goat, she would do best with a family who is home more time than not. She gets so attached to her people that she has shown some resource guarding, so a single dog family and no small children are highly recommended. She’s just such a lover and can’t help that she wants you all to herself! She is good with other dogs at the dog park, though.

Ollie has completed basic obedience and is potty trained to a dog door. She’s begging for a yard of her own! She will require continue training and socialization as she adjusts and bonds with her forever family. Once she warms up to you, she is good with both adults and older kids and is fiercely loyal. Ollipop’s forever family will have a best friend for life and a dog that will return the love you show her in spades.

Posted 1/10/22 and updated 02/16/22

Success Story:   Note from Olive's new family:

Olive has proven herself a force to be reckoned with as she shares her love and curiosity with everyone she encounters. She’s energetic, sweet, and one of the most snuggly dogs we’ve ever met. She’ll be showered with love for years to come!