Name:   Leo Pickens  

Description:   ~ 8 yrs old ~ fostered in Baltimore, MD ~

Leo has been a great house guest! Won’t need much work to be fully house trained. He seems more like a pet I’m sitting and not a new to rescue dog! I just assumed he was fresh from hunting. Was he actually a house pet instead?

He is so good & handsome, I had to send an update & more photos for his profile as soon as possible! His big ears and big paws are fantastic.

He is full of energy and loves his walks & to run around the house. He is a curious boy and will thoroughly explore any area he is allowed. Some jumping but will get down when told. He did turn on a gas stove knob—- so that is something to note for his future home.

After being active during the day, he settles down for snoozing through the night and is an early riser. He is adjusting to the house routine.

Not very interested in meeting dogs at the park, he is more into sniffing. Loves cuddling up to my senior beagle. He is interested in birds and squirrels but hasn’t chased cats we have encountered—He seems to avoid them.

He loves toys. We have been doing bouts of fetch and he pulls stuffies out of the toy box to play with on his own. Also enjoys looking out windows. So far, not a big howler— only at mail delivery!

He is affectionate and loves following me around the house & coming to me for pets. He climbs on my lap or against me for naps while I work. He even seems to want to give kisses.

Whines a bit, as anticipated, when left home in his crate. First time alone, he reached out and grabbed a towel to rip up but has been calmer since, with my resident dog nearby to keep him company. Just seems a part of settling in!

He is ready to be a best friend forever!
posted 01/10/22 and updated 01/27/22

Success Story:   Note from his new family:

Leo Pickens, now "Willie" is an absolute delight and we couldn’t be happier with the decision of adopting him. He has become the star of the neighborhood and all of our friends. Dick walks him every day and he gets to romp in the backyard most of the afternoon, keeping all the squirrels at bay!!! We only visited one dog as I would want them all if I saw them. He was house trained and signals when he needs to go outside. He loves to zoom about the house with bursts of energy which is hilarious to watch. He really likes riding in the car as we visited the vet for an introductory visit and to monitor his round worm situation, which has been resolved. He is such a happy little dog and loves to snuggle with Dick during naps and tv watching. He is VERY food motivated as are most beagles and is learning not to counter surf. He has learned to SIT for his treats. We did extend our fence height to over 5‘ as we border a wooded area in the back with fox and deer roaming and feel more at ease with him running about the area. He is definitely a scent hound and has his nose to the ground and snuffling or baying at times. Willie is 8 but you would think he is a much younger dog with all this energy. He does sleep in a crate at night, his choice, and likes to go there when he thinks it’s time to go to bed. He does like to fetch his toys when he isn’t looking out the windows watching for robins or people out walking.

After losing our beagle in January due to old age, we decided to have another as our house was too empty and we couldn’t be happier to have found Beagle Rescue of Southern Maryland. We had adopted our previous dogs from the Beagle rescue in Pittsburgh and found that the organizations were similar, a loving and caring group of people dedicated to helping needy beagles find a happy safe home.