Name:   Angelo Milford (now Biscuit)  

Description:   ~ 5-6 yrs ~ 25 lbs ~ Fostered in Baltimore, MD ~

This handsome redhead with the soft brown eyes has just scored himself a terrific foster home. He was a favorite of the vet staff for his sweet nature... and those beautiful eyes... Once he settles into his new digs, we'll know more about his personality and will update here.

It is clear that Angelo's first years were not kind to him. His coat is a bit sparse and dull. His nose tells us that he's been stuck in a pen for a long time, poking his nose through to see the better life outside. Nutritious food and indoor living will do wonders for his health and his appearance. For all the hardship, you can see that he is a beautiful boy. If you would like to adopt Angelo, please contact

Posted 01/13/22