Name:   Bogo Warren (or Bogie)  

Description:   ~ 21 lb ~ 4 yrs old ~ fostered in Gaithersburg, MD ~

Bogo – or Bogey as I refer to him, is a very sweet, gentle, young boy who remains fairly timid, but is slowly making progress. He definitely needs to be placed with another gentle dog. At times, it’s stressful for him here because my larger foster, Caleb, has a strong prey drive and is particularly intent on running down Bogie, who’s much smaller, and bullying him. While they remain physically separated at all times, Bogie still finds it stressful knowing Caleb is around, so I’d love to get him into a lower key home.

He LOVES cuddling with the other dogs, and much of the day, he’s happy to camp out in his little corner of my office while I work and observe the inner workings of my home. He prefers to go outside for potty specifically 3 times a day. LOL! He thinks the outdoors is big and still pretty scary, so he’s really good about going out, pottying, and then coming right back in. I think he’s probably mixed with another breed, because of his physique and his house manners are far superior to my own beagles. He sleeps in the bed with me, and just after the alarm goes off, he turns into a completely different dog – the outgoing, affectionate, silly, and sometimes excited little boy I know is just waiting to burst out. This personality also shines when treats are around or at mealtime.

For updates about Bogie, check out the Facebook page he shares with his foster companions: Facebook page for some videos, updates on his progress, and more photos
posted 01/03/22 and updated 07/31/22