Name:   Karson Frederick  

Description:   ~ 50 lb ~ 3 yrs old ~ fostered in Laurel, MD ~

Part of a bonded pair with Sherman Frederick, a cockapoo.

His mom could no longer care for him and his adopted brother, Sherman Frederick.

Sherman (10, cockapoo) and Karson (3, beagle) are amazing! They are GREAT family dogs. Everyone is getting long with our dogs and taking it slow with meeting our cat but no signs of aggression. They are great with our 5 year old, both men and women. They are definitely bonded and look to each other for comfort and reassurance so they need to stay together.

Sherman is more anxious and will need someone who is willing to allow him to take his time and go at his pace. He will come to you when he’s ready. He is food protective so he needs to eat in his crate away from other dogs.

Karson is a big goof ball. He’s a great balance of active and couch potato. He wants to be loved all the time. He’s also not your average beagle size and can get onto your counters. As a big boy, he plays gently but could easily knock over a smaller child. He’s extremely food motivated.

The first day they had multiple accidents but it seems to have been all anxiety as it has gone away completely. Karson will only go in the yard if you go with him at this time.

They are both lap dogs. They are a ready made family and whoever adopts them is going to be extremely blessed!
posted 01/02/22