Name:   Trotter Halifax  

Description:   ~ 5 yrs old ~ 31 lb ~ fostered in Reston, VA ~

Trotter is a happy-go-lucky, playful girl who loves loves loves humans. Her happy place is cuddled right up next to you while getting lots of pets. She was a bit timid when I first got her (scared of the stairs, TV, loud noises, etc.) but she's gotten over all of her fears and settled in quickly. She moves around the home confidently now. When it's playtime, she has a stuffed animal that she loves to play with by herself. She'll run around the house with it, tossing it, squeaking it and growling at it with her funny little growl. She is just starting to figure out how to play with humans with the toys too. As far as training/house-breaking, I was told that Trotter was not potty-trained before, but we've worked on it with her now, and she does really great as long as she gets consistent outings. She is also crate trained which can be very helpful for potty training.

On walks, Trotter wants to say hi to every single person and dog that we see. She'll start wagging her tail when she sees a person hundreds of yards away and will try to make us stop so she can get lots of pets and snuggles from passersby. She's made progress with her leash skills but could still use some work since she's highly prey-driven and wants to sniff out or chase all the birds and squirrels. Trotter does fantastic with other dogs too. She seems to like medium or small dogs best, as she can get overwhelmed if bigger fluffy dogs get up in her face (understandably). She's been doing great with her 2-year-old foster brother who is a little bigger than her though. I've been taking Trotter to daycare and dog parks and she loves both! She loves to run and seems to enjoy it when other dogs join in the chase too.

Trotter has moderate to low energy. She is playful and spunky but she doesn't need a crazy amount of exercise to be her happy self. She'll happily tag along on a hike but is just as happy to chill on the couch with you all day if you want to have a lazy day. I've tried taking her on a jog a couple of times, but she seems to prefer a slower-paced, sniffy walk instead (got to put that hound nose to good use!). Trotter is pretty good at entertaining herself too if she has toys. She loves playing with her stuffed toys, chewing on bones, or trying to figure out puzzle toys. Overall, Trotter's a pretty easy-going gal that just wants lots of pets and cuddles!
posted 12/22/21 and updated 02/05/22

Success Story:   A note from her new family:

Trotter Halifax, now Maggie, has been with us for only about 10 days but she has already made herself at home; it’s as if she has always been with us. She loves to explore our big back yard, learning the stories of what happened last night just using her nose. Sometimes she sits on the outside landing and it’s as if she is surveying her vast personal kingdom. On sunny days, she loves to lay in the sun room soaking up the warmth. Her foster mom sent her favorite toy with her when we picked her up but that has been supplanted by a new squeaky ball. She will chew on it and throw it around so she can go chase it again! She is such a sweet, happy girl; we are so happy to have found her!