Name:   Beetlejuice St Mary (now Beetle)  

Description:   ~ 1.5 yrs ~ 20 lb ~ Fostered in Baltimore, MD ~

Beetle has proven to be quite an expressive beagle! She loves all sorts of people, especially children; she’s drawn to their little voices from afar. Beetle lives for affection, cuddling with her roommates at every possible opportunity. She’s a well-trained crate dog at night, though she loves to sleep in the bed with people, too. Beetle is remarkably sharp, picking up on commands within a few iterations, though that classic beagle stubbornness shines in other ways. She isn’t picky about food – in fact, like any beagle, she’s a food thief – who can blame her?

Beetle gets along well with her foster sibling, so a forever home with another dog is ideal. She’s also full of energy, so plenty of playtime is just what the vet ordered! Beetle enjoys long walks with her foster, though she certainly wouldn’t turn down a fenced in yard with plenty of space to run! It’s recommended that Beetle live in a single-family home as her inquisitive barking can get her into trouble in an apartment setting, especially in today’s remote work space. She can’t help but protect her people from the strange noises outside! She doesn’t have a mean bone in her little body, though; she’s barking to say hello to everyone that passes by!

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Posted: 3/4/22