Name:   Willie Tarboro (now Obi)  

Description:   ~ 9 months old ~ 34 lbs ~ fostered at Healthy Hound Playground in Sterling, VA ~

Have an active lifestyle and want to have a dog to match? Willie is your guy. Willie came to us just at 7 months with his littermate Winnie. With not much background on them we got to learn what this floppy eared boy had to offer. Willie is a sweet boy who loves to put his mind to work and sniff out everything the world has to offer. With his nose to the ground Willie understands what it means to stop and smell the flowers.

While his sister may have talents of her own once Willie considers you one of his people you will never look back. Take one look into his puppy dog eyes and there is no way you can say no to this guy. With long lanky legs a tail that never stops wagging and a howl that will get anyone’s attention this playful hound will make a great addition to any family

Willie will thrive in a house that can offer him lots of physical exercise and someone who is willing to work with a young pup like himself. After a long day of playing or hiking Willie is content just snuggling up with you for a midday nap and looking forward to all the treats you have to offer.
posted 01/17/22