Name:   Meatball Milford (Teddy)  

Description:   ~ 25 lbs ~ 8ish yrs old ~ fotered in Timonium, MD ~

MB is just a shy little sweetheart. His life is topsy turvy at the moment and he's not sure what's happening next. He was adopted but had to come back to us when his owner began experiencing bad health problems.

Meatball, who now goes by Teddy, is a sweet little boy.
He is shy but will come slowly to you for pets and attention.
Very cute with his short legs and a little plump body. Great car rider. Walks well on leash. Good eater.
Smart -- learned quickly to wait with his siblings for a treat when they come in from the yard.
Quiet -- has not had to bark yet.
Likes to be next to you in a small dog bed or in an open cage with a soft blanket.
Has not tried to get on furniture but will sit on your lap for about 30 minutes if you pick him up.

Posted: 9/16/2023 and updated 09/30/23