Name:   Boomer Millsboro  

Description:   ~3 yrs old ~ 30 lbs ~ Fostered in Millsboro, DE ~

Boomer is a beloved and beautiful 3 year old in the prime of life. His living circumstances are changing through no fault of his own and he is now in search of another loving home. Typically beagle, he can be over eager at mealtimes (he could stand to lose a few...) and small children may become bowling pins if standing between Boomer and the freshly filled food bowl, so sturdy older children would be a better fit.

We will not place Boomer in any living situation with shared walls, as he can be vocal. His mom has recently been working with a trainer to help curb his barking and learn to walk better on lead. He knows a few commands such as "sit" and "speak." Sadly, two years ago Boomer's dad became quite ill and just recently passed away. Training Boomer had justifiably fallen to the bottom of the priority list. His mom will shortly be moving in with family and wants to see him safely rehomed. Boomer enjoys the company of other happy non-aggressive dogs and will chase cats because... why not?. Also typically beagle, Boomer has had some minor seizures and is on medication for them - which keeps it under control. (Inexpensive meds)

Boomer was purchased as a puppy from a breeder. He has been with his family since he was 8 weeks old and was his daddy's best bud and great comfort. He likes to cuddle and has house manners. He was crate trained as a puppy, but once house training was completed, has not been crated since. He's a very good boy who just needs someone to work with him a bit. He's definitely food motivated. If he catches a whiff of a small animal in the yard he will bugle with his nose to the ground and that white tipped tail high in the air while following the scent. It's quite fun to watch. He would love a yard with a sturdy secure fence where he can safely practice his beagly skills.

If you're interested in giving Boomer a loving home, please submit a completed profile ( and submit it to

Posted: 8/28/21