Name:   Rudy Beaufort (now Casey)  

Description:   ~ 39 lb ~ 5 yrs old ~ fostered in Kensington, MD ~

Rudy is a beautiful tri color beagle that came to rescue from a loving home with his pal Reggie Beaufort. They were well cared for until their mom became unable to properly care for them. For this reason, they are both well-adjusted and don’t show the shyness we so often see in our rescues. They both have been treated well and expect that they will continue to be taken care of in the manner that they have become accustomed to. BRSM is striving to accomplish this feat.

Rudy is laid back, very sweet and people bonded. It is clear that he would love to sit with you on the sofa to watch TV during the day or evening and maybe even share your bed overnight. He is a late riser and lounges around the house while you do our daily chores. He will go outside to go to the bathroom, but often comes right back in. During nice warm weather, he does stay out longer with the other dogs and will play if they get a chase game going. He loves to be petted and can’t get too much attention. He is a very, very affectionate dog. He remains close to his people whenever he can. If I leave the room, he lays at the door until I return. While we eat dinner, he is lying below the table at our feet.

Rudy is a lover with a willingness to please mindset. Combine this with his desire for treats, he is easy to train. He could be a very well behaved dog if you spend just a little time and energy on him. He is basically a good boy now, but does tend to bark at neighbors and dog walkers as they pass the house. Once he starts, it can be a little hard to get his attention to stop the barking. He usually will come once I get through to him. Rudy walks pretty well on a leash and will only improve with practice. He doesn’t seem all that interested in digging in your yard, but the critters that roam through your yard will get his attention. He is a beagle after all. He is generally calm and waits patiently at meal time for his food. He is just not a demanding dog.

Rudy has just been treated for heart worm and is finishing up his prednisone. He took all of his medications without incident as each tab was placed in a pill pocket. He is healthy and not taking any other medications except heart worm preventative and flea/tick preventative. He is slightly overweight and could lose a couple of pounds. When he entered rescue, he was 47 pounds. We have been working on his weight and so far we have had some success. At his last weight check on 22Nov, he weighed in at 39.7 pounds. Since he is a tall guy (about 18” to his shoulder) with long slender legs, he doesn’t look fat, but the vets recommend a few less pounds. He eats Nutro diet kibble mixed with warm water. The hard part is to not give him too may treats since he loves them and he is such a good boy.

Rudy is looking for a home with loving parents that will indulge his desire to be right next to them (on the furniture) most of the time. He would enjoy a fenced yard to track his critters and play with his canine companion in warm pleasant weather. We think he has always had another dog (Reggie) to keep him company and offer support throughout the day and night. I believe he would be lonesome without a canine pal in his life. If you are looking for a devoted friend to share your life, look no further than Rudy Beaufort. But Rudy would be happier if cats were not a part of his life. I'm sure the cats would feel the same.
posted 07/07/21 and updated 11/27/21