Name:   Reggie Beaufort  

Description:   ~ 43 lb ~ 6 yrs old ~ fostered in Kensington, MD ~

Reggie is a beautiful chocolate beagle that came to rescue from a loving home with his pal Rudy Beaufort. They were well cared for until their mom became unable to properly care for them. For this reason, they are both well-adjusted and don’t show the shyness we so often see in our rescues. They both have been treated well and expect that they will continue to be taken care of in the manner that they have become accustomed to. BRSM is striving to accomplish this feat. Reggie is a very happy guy, sweet and people bonded. It is clear that he would love to sit with you on the sofa to watch TV during the evening and maybe even share your bed overnight. He loves to be petted and can’t get too much attention. He is a very very affectionate dog. Often he will come over, sit at my feet and gently put his front paws on my knees. He is not demanding attention, but wants to remind me that he could use a pet. If I am busy, he will quietly rest on his pillow or get a toy to occupy his time.

Reggie is a powerful chewer, and assumes that anything on the floor is there for his entertainment, so you will need to be careful of items at or near floor level. We found out the hard way that he doesn’t differentiate between a remote and a nylabone. Reggie is playful and loves toys of all sorts. Sometimes he will choose a hard nylabone to gnaw on or the remnants of his soft cloth toy to keep himself busy. He also likes to play with other dogs when he can get his older siblings to engage. He can be a little bossy when food or his bed is involved, but stops at a low warning growl. I usually always make sure to reprimand him when he voices his displeasure. I have not seen any more aggressive behavior towards his canine pals.

Reggie is very smart and taught himself to use the dog door by watching the other dogs use it. He likes to go outside and track the small critters in our back yard or the larger variety (deer) when he gets the chance, and enthusiastically and vigorously alerts the pack to their presence. He is quite determined to catch them showing his strong hunter instinct. He will require a very secure fence to keep him from following his quarry to their homes. Reggie has shown his intellect and resolve when the quarry was very close by defeating the wire fencing we used to contain him. He will bark at neighbors and dog walkers as they pass the house, but usually will stop when I call him. Of course, he also vigorously alerts us to the presence of critters in our yard or the neighbors’ yards anytime of the day or night.

Since Reggie is smart and food oriented, training him should be relatively easy. He can be a little stubborn as are most beagles, but he generally has the will to please so I think that with a little effort, he will be very well behaved. He walks well on a leash, usually comes when I call him, and is mostly potty trained, although he does not ask to go out. There may be a bit of a question of holding it overnight (as I try to extend my time in bed), so now he sleeps in a crate to remind him that he needs to hold it. He does bark in the AM to get me up to let him out which is only fair.

Reggie is healthy and not taking any medications except heart worm preventative and flea/tick preventative. Once in a while, he paws at his nose and eyes, so I am thinking that he may suffer from a mold allergy. If this activity persists or gets worse, we may make a visit to the vet for her opinion. He is a little chunky and needs to lose some weight. When he entered rescue, he was 50 pounds. We have been working on his weight and so far we have had some success. His last weight check was on 22Nov and he weighed 42.6 pounds. He eats frozen green beans thawed with warm water and Nutro diet kibble. The hard part is to not give him too may treats since he loves them and he is such a good boy. Once he achieves his optimal weight, he will need assistance from his family to maintain it.

Reggie is looking for a home with a loving person or family that will indulge his desire to be right next to them (on the furniture) most of the time and that will walk him regularly to help keep his weight down. He needs a yard to track his critters and at least one playful dog to keep him company. He has always had another dog (Rudy) to keep him company and offer support throughout the day and night. I believe he would be lonesome without a canine pal in his life. Reggie is a good boy and would be a great addition to a loving family. But Reggie would be happier if cats were not a part of his life. I'm sure the cats would feel the same.
posted 07/07/21 and updated 11/27/21