Name:   Yoga Mecklenburg  

Description:   ~ 10 yrs old ~ 17 lb ~ fostered in Manassas, VA

Yoga is a very quiet, calm and sweet older pup. She never barks, even when the door is knocked on. She loves being outside and is often found relaxing in the sun. She has never once jumped on the furniture and is happy to curl up on the floor or in a dog bed or in her crate to sleep. Her name fits her and she stretches, bows and does cute little “yoga” poses. The vet says her stretching is due to her kneecaps sometimes rotating out of place and she stretches to get them back in, so this will be something she needs to have watched, but right now it does not slow her down or seem to cause any pain.

She has recently been diagnosed with seizures and will likely need to be on medication for the rest of her life. The medicine is affordable (about .50c) a day. She also seems to have allergies that affect her feet, but wiping her feet off in the summer when she comes in from outside and allergy medicine if it worsens has been doing wonders.

She loves to follow her human around the house, almost to the point she is underfoot! It is sweet to turn around and see her following you or be right next you because you know she just enjoys your company so much.

She is good with other dogs and seems to be fine with the neighborhood cats that come by to visit, although she does not always like them in her immediate bubble. She enjoys my other calm dog’s company, but does not seek out play with her. She has also been very good and seems to adore my 6yo son, even though he can be a bit loud and rumbustious, she just takes everything in stride. She rides well in the car and curls up and takes a nap whenever we go somewhere. Even though she is a mix, true beagle fashion comes out when any food is presented. She loves to eat and is very food motivated. Due to this we also feed her separate from our other dog and pick up any unfinished food that is left or she will eat that bowl as well. Her weight will also need to be watched because she loves to eat and can put weight on her small frame quickly.

She is now about 95% house trained and rarely has an accident. We have a doggy door and a very secure yard so it is suggested that if she goes to a house where walks or letting out is required, to get her on a schedule to keep her from having accidents.

She is an older gal and we don’t know her background so she does have some quirks. She does not like be woken and if she is startled awake can wake up snapping. This also is true if you pick her up and she falls asleep next to you on the bed or sofa. Because of this a household with older children, or ones that can be respectful and know to leave her alone while she is sleeping, would be best. She can be trusted in the house without being crated, but sometimes she likes to chew on small items such as toys (legos are a favorite), but she can be redirected with a treat or to an appropriate doggy chew toy. She is slowly starting to learn how to play and seems to like stuffed toys to “kill” and to chew on. When excited she does a very cute prance and will even do a little dance on her back legs!

Yoga has been a dream foster and will make a very chill, quiet and sweet companion for a lucky family. She has sadly been through a lot, but she is ready to live out the rest of her life relaxing in her forever home.
posted 09/03/21