Name:   Raj Hughes  

Description:   ~ 4 yrs old ~ 37 lb ~ fostered in Glen Burnie, MD ~

Leggy beagle

Raj came into our foster care in May 2021. He's about 4 years old.

Raj likes to be a leader. While most of the time he remains cool, calm, and collected he definitely has a wild side. He is outgoing and active and can be a little more mischievous as well. But he is trusting and will quickly become your best pal if you give him food.

Raj enjoys playing and will also curl up to sleep and take naps. He mostly enjoys napping during the day, but also has some puppy energy he will need to let out.

Raj is social, generally good around other dogs, and absolutely loves cuddling and human attention. He will do great in a household with active parents that enjoy walks or other outdoor activities, or any household with a fenced in backyard where he can run around and get some energy out. He will do best in a home with discipline and structure.
posted 05/17/21 and updated 08/17/21