Name:   Dixie Charles  

Description:   ~ 4 yrs ~ 25 lb ~ fostered in Linthicum Heights, MD ~

3/13/21 UPDATE: Now that Dixie has been here almost three months you can't help but fall in love with her. She is so much more comfortable and fits right in. She loves the love and attention she gets from us as foster parents. She snuggles right next to you in bed at night. She loves her belly rubs and the best part is watching her get so happy that she performs zoomies! This little girl loves car rides too. Her barking continues to improve as she becomes more confident. We find that she may bark for a minute or two when company arrives, but within minutes she has made new friends. She's come a long way from that dog on a chain! On walks, she is less shy about her surroundings. We dare say she's losing a little bit of the country girl of her past and gradually becoming the suburb/city side with all the noises that come with this kind of life. Dixie still gets along well with our pack of dogs and cats. She has even instigated play a bit with our smaller beagle. He doesn't quite know what to make of it though LOL! Keep rooting for Dixie...she's going to be a great success story!

Dixie came to us as a beagle who had lived life at the end of a chain. She has made great strides in her foster home and will make a loving and devoted companion. Because of her past, we would prefer that Dixie go to a home with a securely fenced yard. One of her great joys is to explore within her boundaries and sunbath in the yard.