Name:   Bentley St. Francis  

Description:   ~ 2 yrs ~ 28 lbs ~ Fostered in Towson, MD ~

Bentley is a handsome, happy, friendly boy who's owner passed away. He's currently living with family friends with his brother Milton who was displaced with him. Bentley is a clever boy. Looks AND brains! He is one of those beagles who can figure out his way around and through closed doors. His foster family crates him at night to keep him from finding mischief as they sleep, but he is a sweet boy who likes affection. He could use some obedience training (or not) as he's not above jumping up to give strangers a kiss, but pish tosh, who doesn't love an unsolicited kiss from a beagle? When Bentley came to live in his foster home, he had an accident or two in the house, but has since proved he's had some training in this area. It's not unusual for a dog to backslide until they figure out their new normal. Being a youngster, he's got some energy to burn, and a securely (emphasis on SECURELY) fenced yard would be a plus. We'd love it if Bentley and Milton could be adopted together - they've lost so much already. They can probably be separated, but are playing fools who would benefit from an equally playful companion in the home.

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Posted: 9/7/2020