Name:   Callie Craig  

Description:   ~ 3 mo ~ Fostered in Highland, MD ~

Callie is a sweet beagle mix puppy. What she's mixed with is unknown - we think a larger hound. Callie may grow up to be larger than average beagle size. Callie has big ears and she is adorably expressive with those her and you'll see what we mean. She came in to rescue with her sister Greta who is also on our website. Callie is fearless as far as puppies go and loves to play, run, find sticks and ambush her sister. Callie is learning to walk on a leash and rides well in the car with Greta. Callie is ready to liven up the life of her forever family!

Callie is undeniably cute, so there's that... Bear in mind that she is a puppy with zero training in house manners. She will learn to be a housepet with patient training, but until then your shoes, carpets, windowsills and furniture will bear witness to her puppyhood for years to come. Before submitting an application for her, please be sure that you are up for the rigors of molding and loving her into a well behaved family member. We want her next home to be her "until death do us part" fairy tale. We will NOT place Callie in an apartment or condo setting. Your neighbors will thank us!

Posted: 9/1/2020