Name:   Greta Craig  

Description:   ~ 3 mo ~ 15 lbs ~ Fostered in Highland, MD ~

Greta is a beautiful beagle mix puppy. While we don't know what she's mixed with, our best guess is some type of larger hound, so she MIGHT be bigger than the average beagle. Like all puppies Greta is happy, friendly and ready to learn about the world around her! She was taken in to rescue with her sister Callie who is also on our website. Greta is the more cautious of the two - which isn't to say she's afraid, she just likes to check things out before rushing in. Greta has a beautiful hound face and her little forehead wrinkles adorably when she's "thinking." She's learning to walk on a leash and rides well in a car with her sister. Greta is going to make her forever family very happy!

Cute as Greta may be, she is a work in progress. She will need to be taught how to behave indoors and it won't be a painless process for your rugs, your shoes, or your Hepplewhite chairs. Greta needs a committed family who won't give up on her during this process. We want her next home to be a "till death do you part" kind of thing. We will NOT place Greta in an apartment or condo.

Posted 9/1/2020