Name:   Sloan Milford (now Gracie)  

Description:   ~ 2 yrs ~ 20-25 lb ~
posted 08/22/20

Success Story:   We call her Gracie now, and less than a week later she is responding to it every time. She is so calm and sweet. The dogs are getting along very well, and playing together frequently. Gracie has even initiated the play several times. As soon as we brought her home and she saw the backyard, she just totally opened up and has been such a smiley, happy little beagle.

Loud noises scare her quite a bit still, but that will get better in time, I'm sure. She has not had a single accident in the house, and has been such a good eater. I think she may have some allergies though, but we'll address that with our vet, when we see him this weekend. She's biting at her feet, sneezing, and scratching a bit. Other than that, everything has been best case scenario for us.

We noticed she really enjoys watching TV and has such a cute way of camping out at the foot of our bed and watching it intently. Thanks for checking up on us! I tried to capture an action shot of Gracie zooming around the backyard, but she is too fast for my phone camera.

Kati R. - posted September 23, 2020

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