Name:   Carly Warren  

Description:   ~ Hound Mix - 8 to 10 yrs old ~ 70 lb of love ~ fostered in Woodbridge, VA ~

Carly was surrendered with two beagles, when her dad could no longer take care of them They were beloved household pets. Carly's foster mom states that she spends a lot of time lounging around the house and has good potty habits. Here is what she says:
She is house trained. Carly always goes outside whether in the yard or on a walk and lets you know she has to go out. And she will go in the yard in the rain too which is so nice.

Carly also likes to lie in the grass or on the deck in the sun. I have not been walking her as much lately. Carly pulls and it's like walking a freight train. Absolutely no kids or teenagers should walk her unless the teen is a strong athletic type. Like a football player or a wrestler. She needs a harness or better collar.

She is ok with my little terrier jumping up on the couch in front of her face. But I have no idea about young kids and how she would be. Carly is more the type to be in the same room and watch over you and hang around you. She also likes to look out the window and barks at the delivery people.

Carly likes to pull food off the counter. I came home tonight and she had taken my banana walnut coffee cake off the counter and ate it all. And it was in a box. The box was opened and simply closed. Not sealed. She gets enough food but will push away my beagle or my terrier away from their food and eat the rest if I do not supervise. The other two are slow eaters.

She would be great for someone with a soft spot for senior dogs or who likes large hounds. Carly would be a pleasant companion but is not cuddly. She does enjoy walks but needs a strong person to walk her and a little training. She lost a little weight but regained it since we have been walking less.
posted 04/18/20 and updated 12/18/20