Name:   Tricia Onslow (now Penny)  

Description:   ~ 20 lb ~ 3 yrs old ~ fostered in Arlington, VA ~

She is great in the car and loves looking out the window. In just 48 short hours, she is getting more comfortable on the leash, and she does her business while on our walks. She is frightened of lots of cars, trucks and buses so a gradual acclimation is in the works. She is very interested in all the kids near the school and loves getting pets from all who ask. She is not a fan of the rain, however.

Also not a fan of the crate, but after showing a bit too much interest in my shoes, and the cords plugged into the outlets, I figured it was necessary when I left home. She whimpers and yaps just a little when going in, but then settles right down, less than five minutes. When she comes out, she does a sweet whimper, letting me know she is in need of lots of love to make up for her ordeal.

On the second night, Tricia slept with me, and barely moved for eight hours. She snores lightly, and then did the classic reverse sneezing to wake me up the rest of the way this morning.

So far, she hasn’t been able to jump up on the couch or bed, but she did figure out how to go from a bench to the kitchen table. Of course, food was involved, so she was very motivated. She did a little table dance, which I videoed, of course, but then she had to be lifted down, since she is very uncertain about the whole jumping thing. She has to be lifted in and out of the van as well.

She is getting along just fine with her beagle foster siblings. She plays with the playful dog and ignores the dog who doesn't want to be bothered with her.

In case you can’t tell, I love this little girl already! But, two beagles is enough for now, so she is getting her vetting and spay done, and then she’ll be ready for a new, better, forever home!
posted 02/12/20 and update 02/13/20