Name:   Bagel Hodges  

Description:   ~ 36 lb ~ 1 year old ~ fostered in Queenstown, MD ~

Meet Bagel. She's nearly a year old and in need of a new home. She is 36 lbs of lean, fit and healthy, but is dog/cat aggressive (NOT people aggressive) and needs to be placed where she will be an only dog. She loves exercise (short bursts) and currently has the run of an acre of fenced yard, but also loves walks with her humans. It has been suggested by someone who knows more than we do, that Bagel would probably be terrific at agility. She loves climbing up the ladder of a big play set and goes down a large slide. She can run in and out of things like a pro. She is reliably housetrained as long as she is afforded the opportunity to go outside often. She is crate trained. Bagel is not much of a noisemaker. Children 10 or over who understand that she is not climbing apparatus would be perfect. She currently has a couple of teenagers who spoil her. She is VERY loved in her current situation, but she challenges the other dogs in the home and it's not a sustainable situation for any of them. Please consider adopting this gorgeous girl. Contact if you can make her part of your family.

Here's a link to a video of Bagel showing off some of her tricks. click to see the video
Posted 09/04/19 and updated 12/08/19