Name:   Ringo Hughes  

Description:   ~ 5 yrs old ~ 25 lbs ~ fostered in Kensington, MD ~

Ringo is a sweet, handsome, healthy and energetic 5 years old boy. He is very timid, but seems to want to trust us and be part of the family. When he arrived at my house on March 1, he was terrified of people and did not want to be touched. He has improved considerably over time, but still is still standoffish. He will come to me to get treats if I sit down, but is still intimidated enough that at times he will not take the treat if I am standing. If you are looking for a cuddler, Ringo is not there yet. He is smart and appears to be mostly house trained, but there is still a little work left in that department and I believe he may back slide with the stress of change to a new home. He loves the yard and knows how to use a dog door. We have a 2 year old energetic boy about the same size as Ringo and they play hard for hours. I believe that Willie is Ringo's moral support. He does like to curl up on a pillow at the the end of the day. I have not really started his training (not even sit). The last few months have been trying to get him to trust us and of course learn not to go to the bathroom in the house. It was suggested to me that the beagle Beatles may have been kept in a rabbit hutch so I have not confined him in a crate except to eat. All my dogs eat in crates to keep the competition for the last few morsels to a minimum. I think that Ringo wants to feel comfortable with human contact, but if dogs are not socialized early, it is a huge obstacle to overcome. I believe that Ringo will eventually feel safe and secure with his family, but it will require time and effort on your part. I just took Ringo to the vet for the first time on June 20 and his first adoption event last Saturday. I was pleasantly surprised at how well he interacted with strangers at those two events. He was a little fearful, but seemed to enjoy the gentle and quiet attention he received. He will require a serene home with parents that make the time and effort to help him adjust. If he is on his pillow, he allows me to pet him and sometimes will come within my reach for pets. Other times, he is just beyond my fingertips. I never figured out how dogs could know just how long my arms are to stay out of reach. He is a sweet guy and so very beautiful. .He knows his name and when he is barking at people passing the house, he will stop if I call out.
posted 02/21/19 and updated 06/24/19