Name:   Nell Hughes  

Description:   ~ 24 lbs ~ 3 yrs old ~ fostered in Reston, VA ~

Nell came into our foster care in February 2019. She is a small spayed female beagle weighing 24 pounds and is approximately 3 years old.

Nellis cute, smart and sassy - a triple threat in beagle speak. She’s a little shy with new people but warms up quickly. She is a loving dog - when she isn’t playing and exploring, you can find her in one of our staff member’s laps soaking up pets and cuddles. Nell gets along great with other dogs and would do well as a single dog or in a multi-dog household. She’s an absolute wrecking ball in daycare and loves to play and chase the other dogs. She will also calmly curl up with her playmates to catch a snooze between romps. Nell would likely do well with kids and cats. Nell is also quite curious! She loves her time outdoors and, true to her breed, wants to explore every inch of her surroundings.
posted 03/25/19

Success Story:   July 7: Nell is doing really well. Still really timid, but she is coming out of her shell more and more every day! Tail is at full mast, wagging, on walks. She loves the walks! Yesterday we heard her bugle for the first time - it was so cute!
She now greets us at the door, on hind legs, tail wagging when we come home. She and Happy play and cuddle. They are a lethal force in the begging department- too much cuteness to resist! It took us a few days, but we finally figured out that she’ll eat off of a plate (no bowls, please; except for water; she will drink out of the bowl.) She’s looooves her dad!
Must run - off on a field trip to Mt. Olympus farm for a walk with the beagles.

Best to all of you.
Kathy, Mark, Happy, & Nell

August 6: Scrolling through my pictures I realize that they are all inside! Why, I wondered! Then realized, yes, it’s a challenge to manage two busy beagles and their noses, leads, poop bags and a camera :-) Thank you again for all that you do. And for Nell. We love her so much!

[Editor – I can relate! I have to have a diet coke in hand for the first walk of the day. Priorities, you know!]

Center: Nell’s first time meeting Gramama
Clockwise from upper left:
1 - Loaf (mom) and Oafs
2 - I love my brudda, Happy
3 - Yin and Yang in cat bed
4 - Happy and Nell

Posted August 12, 2019

Follow the link below to learn about Nell's beginnings.
Nell Hughes